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Toilet paper and mistress: the strangest calls in 911 due to coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of life as countries around the world try to fight the spread of the virus. As they adapt to response measures, police increasingly receive unusual phone calls. Some departments have even taken measures to prevent calls not related to emergency cases with coronavirus. Writes about it Fox News.

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Here are the four strangest phone calls to authorities during a coronavirus pandemic:

Because of toilet paper

Last month, Oregon police station received calls from people complaining that they had run out of toilet paper.

There were enough calls for the department to leave a message on its official Facebook page, informing citizens that the lack of toilet paper was not an emergency.

Neighbors cough

As the number of cases of coronavirus increased, several police departments in Southern California received calls from residents worried that their coughing neighbors might be infected.

Given the pandemic situation, authorities are taking these challenges seriously. The controllers were instructed to ask each caller if he had contact with someone who had a positive coronavirus test result.

Can a husband see a mistress

Since the French government imposed a nationwide quarantine, the police there have been bombarded with absurd questions.

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One came from a woman who asked if her husband could "spend the weekend with his mistress."

How can we “do it” without leaving home

In the eastern French city of Dijon, the police received a call from a woman asking how she and her newfound love could “do this” while under lock and key.

“After the divorce, I managed to find someone. But he lives 16 miles from my house. How can we do this while locked up? ” The woman asked.

Such unnecessary phone calls prompted the national police to post on their Twitter page a statement reminding citizens not to call the emergency number for “unsubstantiated” requests.

“We have serious challenges,” the police said. “But there are strange calls bordering on stupidity.”

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