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The center of Hollywood was blocked because of the message about the bomb

Police blocked off the central part of the Hollywood district in Los Angeles because of a suspicious car in which they were looking for explosives. The car is located near the concert complex, where the ceremony to announce the Oscar winners will take place on Sunday, the Los Angeles Times notes. The police later reported that no explosives were found there.

According to the newspaper, a man whom police detained for dangerous driving reported a bomb in the trunk of his car. This was told by the representative of the police department Michael Ling.

Police then applied standard protocol, the highways within a three-block radius were cordoned off, and the usually popular tourist area was deserted. Ling points out that the threat was taken seriously: “Don’t approach anyone unless you want to die.”

With the help of a robot, police sappers tried to open the trunk. A visitor to the Hollywood & Highland Center told the publication that the trunk opened with a loud pop, but no smoke or fire was visible.

Soon, police officials reported that no bombs in the trunk were found. The owner of the car who reported the bomb was in the police station. It is not specified whether this prank threatens him with additional charges.

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