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Thirteen U.S. Spa Resorts for Luxurious Outdoor Experiences

Few remedies relieve stress as well as spending time outdoors. Some resorts in the US combine wilderness with comfort: just think hot springs after a day of desert exploration and open-air massages to recover from long trail walks. Travel Leisure.

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If the mountains are calling, these gorgeous wilderness-focused resorts could be the answer. Each resort offers exciting adventures, stunning scenery, wellness facilities and an unrivaled natural attraction: the dark starry sky.

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, New Mexico

Go to a Spa Resort Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs in northern New Mexico to immerse yourself in nature, including a scenic hot spring bath. Tucked away among the rocks along the Ojo Caliente River, this hotel boasts one of the most tranquil thermal springs in the country. Guests can wake up with desert views from the hotel's cabanas. Luxury-worthy itineraries include yoga yurt practices, hiking or biking through the secluded high desert, and canyoning at the Artesian Restaurant.

The Green O, Montana

Green Oh is a vacation that combines luxury and adventure in Paws Up. The hotel offers serious nature orientation, from 12 firehouses (Tree Haus, Round Haus, Light Haus and Green Haus) surrounded by forest, to a network of on-site trails, exciting quad bike tours and scenic paddleboard excursions. And the icing on the cake is soaking under the stars in your private hot tub after a culinary safari at Montana's trendiest new restaurant. social house.

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Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

Sheldon Chalets located in Denali National Park. The resort is 80 km from civilization and is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Don Sheldon Amphitheater. It is also at the top of Ruth Glacier. With all that said, it's no surprise that Sheldon Chalet prioritizes outdoor adventures like ice climbing, cave spelunking and rift exploration. Relaxation after the tour is almost as extreme, with a five-star dinner followed by what is arguably the best northern light show in the country.

Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri offers its guests one of the most breathtaking desert landscapes of the Colorado Plateau. The hotel has stone suites overlooking the canyon and the new camp Camp Sarika Next door. Here, luxury coexists with sand dust, because no one has canceled breathtaking adventures: hiking the Colorado Plateau under the guidance of an experienced guide and excursions to the region's favorite national parks (Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Zion). As soon as sunset sets in, get ready to see magical constellations and galaxies appear at arm's length.

Wild Rice Retreat, Wisconsin

Wild Rice Retreat in Wisconsin gives guests the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind in the soothing forests of northern Wisconsin.

The Retreat is located on a rocky lakeside where steady waves create a soothing soundtrack for on-site activities such as yoga and meditation or sauna detox. Trail walks give hikers a chance to warm up their blood between meditation sessions, while farm-to-table al fresco dining leaves guests full and ready for more.

Twin Farms, Vermont

One of the best dives in New England nature awaits you at a huge private farm Twin Farms in Vermont. Here, the Green Mountains provide almost as much of a soothing backdrop as the pastoral meadows around the hotel. Twin Farms, about 90 minutes from Burlington, includes 10 tree-canopy cottages, a private pond, and numerous hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing trails.

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, take advantage of the Twin Farms Pond Picnic Offer. Or take a packed lunch and enjoy it on your bike ride. Just don't miss the elegant dining by the fire in the rustic chic dining room of the main house.

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Post Ranch Inn, California

Hotel Post Ranch Inn, perched atop the rugged cliffs of coastal California overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is more than a Big Sur base camp. The 40 luxurious rooms feature panoramic windows with sea views and patios that make Big Sur the star of the show.

Meanwhile, resort activities such as falconry, morning yoga, forest meditation and guided nature walks further integrate guests into the natural environment. Picturesque dinners, prepared with produce from the chef's garden, are the highlight of this Californian cozy resort.

Baker's Cay, Florida

At the resort Baker's Cay in Key Largo, Florida, nature isn't just a nice feature. This ocean view escape! Panoramic balconies promise guests the tranquility that only turquoise waters can provide.

The resort conducts monthly beach and underwater cleanings and partners with 1000 Mermaids and the Ocean Rescue Alliance for coral restoration initiatives. In addition, guests can learn about the fragile ecosystems of the Florida Keys during nature walks with eco-educators.

Baker's Cay is the first US resort to partner with Dock to Dish, an initiative that helps restaurants support small-scale and sustainable fisheries.

Amara Resort & Spa, Arizona

Don't just visit the red rocks of Sedona. Wake up with a sun-drenched view of them from Amara Resort & Spa, a modern, nature-inspired resort nestled along the tranquil Oak Creek Canyon.

Amara's outdoor activities run the gamut, with on-site mountain bike rentals, hot air balloon rides, and an infinity pool overlooking the red rocks, to name but a few. The renowned SaltRock Kitchen takes its cocktails seriously, offering agave-based drinks such as margaritas. Drinks complement these raspberry backgrounds perfectly.

Terramor Outdoor Resort, Maine

Nature in Maine is very different, and glamping Terramor Outdoor Resort helps visitors see it as much as possible. A unique retreat located just 20 minutes from Acadia National Park, it features astounding wilderness with a touch of luxury in 64 tents.

Activities include morning yoga, open-wall massages at the wellness tent, and activities such as bird watching and kayaking. Delightful Terramor evening events promise bonfires, live music, beer tastings, and homemade snacks including Nutella and peanut butter.

Lake Placid Lodge, New York

Relax in nature and feel like a queen in your favorite Lake Placid Lodge luxury mountain resort in the heart of New York's Adirondacks. The design of the cottages is as mesmerizing as the landscape. Admire the hand-carved wooden beams and stone fireplaces expertly crafted by local masons in any of the 30 rooms.

But don't spend too much time indoors. The pristine view from the cottage's terrace provides the perfect starting point for outdoor adventures. Try kayaking, boating or fishing as the chefs prepare your fresh catch.

For fun on land, hike the Adirondack trails on foot or bike. End the day with dinner by the fire at Lake Placid Lodge's upscale Artisans restaurant.

Camp V, Colorado

Camp V in Western Colorado is the place to choose your outdoor adventure. Enjoy the wilderness with cozy amenities in one of the hotel's trendy cabins. Or get out in nature with a glamping, camping, stay in an Airstream or a Jupe with a view of the canyon. This type of housing is similar to a capsule created by designers from Tesla, Airbnb and SpaceX.

Regardless of accommodation, expect unbridled desert fun. Head to the pond at Camp V for sunrise paddleboarding, then go for a walk right from your cabin or tent. If you are feeling strong, head to Naturita for an exciting tour with Rimrocker Adventures.

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, Michigan

Surrounded by a lake, the Keweenaw Peninsula is almost as wild as the Midwest. One of the northernmost resorts in Michigan, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge immerses guests in this unspoiled beauty. Adventure is woven into the DNA of Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this hotel has its own network of mountain biking and hiking trails. And he's leading the drive to create the first Keweenaw International Dark Sky Park — a particularly enticing move considering the area is one of the best aurora-watching spots in the lower 48 states.

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