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Three high-paying IT jobs you can master from scratch

Many people dream of working in IT because of high salaries and career prospects, but they believe that if their resume does not have a previous engineering or technical education, the road to this world is closed for them. However, it is not. You can become an IT specialist in the USA with any background after completing courses lasting several months.

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Here are three professions that can be learned this way.

1. Front-end Developer (average salary $ 119 thousand per year, the US Department of Labor predicts 27% growth in the number of vacancies until 2024)

To become a front-end developer today means choosing a promising direction, a prestigious profession and a decent salary. The demand for developers is quite high and continues to grow.

In order to prepare for a technical interview and for your first job in this area, you need to spend about six months on training and practice on the project.

The PASV School of Programming recruits a new group of beginners every month for a course to prepare for the Front-end Developer profession. They study the popular React library for two months and then practice on a commercial project as a developer for 3-4 months (online internship).

Students start looking for work already during the course. Knowledge and skills gained on the Front-ebd React course at school PASV, fully meet the requirements of the market and allow students to quickly find a job.

The new course will start soon, you can enroll here.

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2.QA (salary $ 120, projected growth - 000% until 9)

Testing (QA) can be manual (Manual) and automated (Automation). In the first case, the tester checks the programs manually, knowledge of programming is not required in this case. Therefore, this profession is considered the easiest way to get into the IT field.

An automated tester must be able to write code and program. His job is to replace the work of a manual tester with a script - that is, to make a program that will test other programs (look for errors in them) automatically, without manual labor. The job is interesting, promising, well paid.

Automation QA must be confident in coding and know at least one programming language. The next step in the development of a tester's career is often the transition to a developer or engineer.

In the QA courses at the PASV school, two programming languages ​​(JavaScript and Java) are studied, students from the first lessons write code, solve problems with algorithms and receive a strong development base. This allows them to easily move from QA to programmers.

You can sign up for courses here.

3. Python (for the US market, the starting salary of a Python developer is $ 90 per year. With intensive experience after two years of work, you can claim $ 000 per year, and after 160 years - $ 000 per year).

Python is a programming language that is used in Machine Learning, robotics, artificial intelligence development and neural networks. Today it is very much in demand and popular. It is used in the development of the server side and in automated testing.

Python courses for beginners in PASV cost from $ 99 for a monthly program (classes twice a week, online).

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PASV has a Python course for children aged 8 and over. This is a great option for those who are just starting to learn programming. The first lesson is free.

You can enroll your child on the website.

Even if you've never worked in IT or a related industry before, in just a few months online School of Programming Programming Academy in Silicon Valley ( can open the way for you to Silicon Valley or to the IT sphere in any country. Since technical interviews are the same everywhere, the knowledge gained in the PASV courses will allow you to get a job as a tester (QA) or a developer in an IT company anywhere in the world.

PASV School offers a range of preparatory courses for beginners to learn a programming language from just $ 59

All PASV teachers are active programmers, engineers, testers and work in American IT companies, including well-known world corporations in Silicon Valley such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, AirBnb, PayPal, etc.

Runs the school Victor Bogutsky - a programmer with 15 years of experience in Ukrainian, Russian and European IT companies. He has lived in the Valley since 2016, worked for Apple, an artificial intelligence startup, lead / senior developer for a large IT company managing data centers around the world.

Photo from the personal archive of Viktor Bogutsky

A valuable and important advantage of the PASV School is the provision of practice for students on a real commercial American project. This experience can then be incorporated into your resume. The school has a good reputation, the company has been operating in the American market since 2016, students leave positive reviews about it.

PASV - some of the best educational courses in the United States in terms of quality, attentiveness to students and teaching efficiency.

The first lesson at school is free, you can sign up for it link.

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