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Three questions that must be asked to the employer at the interview

When preparing for an interview for work, you can think about how you will answer standard questions, such as “Tell me about yourself” or “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” But the more important part is the questions that you will ask yourself, writes Grow.

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The ability to ask the right questions shows that you are interested in this position and want to learn more about how you can contribute, says Barry Drexler, an interview coach in New York. He worked in the human resources department for over 30 years, interviewing 15 candidates for companies such as Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.

“Many job seekers ask questions only because they think it sounds impressive. Interviewers see everything through, ”he says.

According to Drexler, it’s best to ask questions based and inspired by your conversation with the interviewer. To come up with this, you can take paper with you and take notes when your interviewer speaks.

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The first topic your interviewer mentions is probably the most important for them. Drexler suggests that you start with her. Let's say they start a conversation, discussing the increase in the number of new customers. When the interviewer asks if you have questions, find out about these clients. This shows that you are listening and are really curious about the company.

Here are a few other good questions to ask your interviewer if you want to stand out from other candidates and make a great impression.

1. How is work evaluated?

Drexler claims that you should stay away from questions for which you can find the answers yourself.

Instead, ask how your work will be evaluated. This shows your interest in the vacancy and helps you learn more about how you can add value to the company and do your job well.

Each company has some indicator by which your effectiveness will be evaluated annually or even every few months. Ask your interviewer if your performance is measured numerically, for example, by achieving specific sales or traffic goals, or if it is measured quantitatively, does this mean that you will have to complete certain projects within a year.

2. How does your position contribute to the company's profit growth?

Each position will somehow contribute to the company's revenue. The question of the organization’s profit growth shows that you are not only interested in this position, but also want to know how you can influence the company and contribute to its overall success.

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You may also want to touch on the types of work you should face to help the company achieve its goals.

3. Why was this position vacated?

It may seem tempting to take the proposed position, but it is important to make sure that the position you have chosen is right for you. Find out why the previous employee left. Was he fired or did he leave himself? Or just created a post?

“If it's new, you'll have to set the tone. If you came to someone else’s place, you would like to know why the person left, what he did well and what didn’t, ”says Drexler.

The key to defeating the interviewer is to ask questions based on your conversation, not general questions about a job or about facts that you might learn yourself.

“Never ask what you should know the answer to. If it’s written on their website, don’t ask, ”advises Drexler.

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