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Three US presidents recorded a joint video message to Biden

Three US presidents - Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton - recorded a general video message to the Americans and the new US President Joe Biden. This is stated in the video VOA.

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“Good evening, USA. Obviously, for me it is a personal interest to see my vice president as the 46th president of the United States, to see Kamala Harris as the first woman vice president. But more broadly, I think, the inaugurations demonstrate the tradition of a peaceful transition of power, as has been going on for over 200 years, ”President Barack Obama said.

“In my opinion, the fact that the three of us are standing here and talking about a peaceful transfer of power demonstrates the institutional strength of our country,” said 43rd President George W. Bush.

“We are in an unusual situation: we are trying to get back to normal life and, fighting with completely abnormal challenges, we are doing what we can do best - we are trying to build a more perfect union. This is an exciting time, ”said President Bill Clinton.

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“We must listen not only to the people with whom we agree, but also to those with whom we disagree. One of my best inaugural memories is the commitment and generosity that President Bush showed to me and Laura Bush to Michelle. It was a reminder that we can have tough differences of opinion, but we can remain humane to each other. Because as Americans we have more in common than different, ”Obama said.

“If Americans love their neighbor as they love themselves, much of what separates our society will disappear,” Bush said.

“This is exactly what the inauguration means. This is a new beginning. Everyone should take a step towards their neighbors and friends, ”Clinton added.

“If we are really looking for something that unites us, then Americans are strong people, they can overcome difficulties. There is no problem that we cannot solve if we act together. In my opinion, this was the main theme of Joe's inaugural address. I hope everyone understood that it is better for us when we move in the same direction, ”Obama said.

“America is a generous country of people with big hearts. The three of us are lucky to be the presidents of this country, ”Bush said.

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“Mr. President, I am rooting for your success. Your success is the success of our country. God bless you, ”added Bush.

“I am glad that you became the President, I wish you only the best. You told us, now you will lead us and we are ready to follow you. Good luck, God's blessing, ”Clinton added.

“Joe, I'm proud of you. You and Kamala should know that we are all rooting for your success, we are praying for you. We will always be ready in any way available to us as citizens to help steer our country forward. With God's help, ”Obama wished.

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