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Trump: "I am very caring towards women"

Donald Trump made assurances of his respect for women, but still did not apologize for the attack on the journalist Fox News.

On Thursday, during a debate with fellow Republicans running for the presidency, the billionaire developer said journalist Megyn Kelly had asked him tough questions about his attitude toward women because she was bleeding “from her eyes, or maybe more. from somewhere ”.

American politicians interpreted this remark as a hint of menstruation and subjected Trump to a friendly obstruction.

On Sunday, Trump gave a series of interviews in which he said that only a “sick person” can interpret his words in this way.

He stressed that in a business setting, relations with women are developing in the best possible way.

“They are phenomenal. And I have a lot of top female managers. They do their job phenomenally. I pay them a lot of money. They make money for me, for themselves. And in many cases they are really talented, ”Trump said in an interview with ABC.

Regarding Megin Kelly, however, Trump said only that he personally has nothing against her.

Kelly was the moderator of the debate about which we wrote in detail earlierand asked Trump why voters should vote for a man who called women "fat pigs, dogs, slovens and disgusting animals."

In a subsequent interview with CNN, Trump called this question wicked and uttered a phrase about where Kelly was bleeding from.

“I apologize when I am wrong, but I was not wrong. My leadership is expressed in double digits, so maybe I shouldn't change, ”Trump said in an interview on Sunday.

Surveys conducted before the debates showed that Trump enjoys the support of about twenty percent of Republican voters. His closest rival, Florida’s ex-governor Jeb Bush, son and brother of two former US presidents, is half as many voters, writes "Voice of America". A total of seventeen people compete for the opportunity to become the official nominee of the Republican Party.

Among Democrats, the leading candidate is ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump's two other controversial remarks seem to have no effect on his popularity. He called illegal immigrants arriving in the US from Mexico as rapists and murderers, and also questioned the heroism of Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate in the 2008 election of the year, who spent five years in captivity during the Vietnam War.

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