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Trump wants to extract resources on the moon: it turned out that the earthlings already have an agreement on the division of space

US President Donald Trump on April 6 signed a decree approving the commercial development of resources on the moon and the planets of the solar system. In Roskosmos, Trump was accused of striving for the seizure of outer space. International law interprets this issue ambiguously. Writes about it with the BBC.

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According to the text of the document, circulated by the White House press service, the United States does not view outer space as the common property of mankind and believes that Americans should have the right to conduct commercial research, extraction and use of resources in space.

The Department of State and other relevant departments have been instructed to conduct negotiations at the international level to conclude agreements on the development and extraction of resources on the moon and other space bodies.

The decree also emphasizes that the United States does not recognize the legality of the Agreement on the Activities of States on the Moon and other celestial bodies, adopted by a resolution of the UN General Assembly in December 1979. In this document, in particular, it was indicated that the Moon and its natural resources are the common heritage of mankind.

“While the US is preparing to return a man to the moon and send him to Mars, this decree defines US policy regarding the use of space resources, such as water and certain types of minerals, in order to develop the commercial development of space,” explained the executive secretary of the National Space Presidential Council Scott Pace.

On April 7, Sergei Saveliev, deputy director general of Roscosmos for international cooperation, accused the US authorities of aggressive ambitions.

“Attempts at expropriating outer space and aggressive plans to actually seize the territories of other planets hardly set up countries for fruitful cooperation,” Saveliev said.

The head of the department Dmitry Rogozin in his Twitter wrote that the trump decree says "about the actual assignment to the United States of the territory of the moon and other celestial bodies."

Screenshot: Twitter / @ Rogozin

The press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov joined in the dispute, who called for a start to give a “legal assessment of such decisions.

“Still, some kind of space privatization in one form or another, and now I find it difficult to say whether this can be regarded as an attempt to privatize space, such attempts would be unacceptable,” Peskov summed up.

Principle of Non-Assignment and Moon Treaties

As explained by a member of the board of directors of the International Institute of Space Law, Elina Morozova, the principle of non-appropriation of celestial bodies is considered basic in international law, but the issue of their natural resources is more complex and can be interpreted ambiguously.

“There are two main positions: one says that the principle of non-appropriation extends to space resources (that they cannot be used and extracted for national and commercial purposes, except for scientific research); another position says that the principle of non-appropriation of celestial bodies does not regulate the issue of extraction of space resources. This dilemma has been known for a long time, ”explains Morozova.

As for the claims to the moon, there are two basic international documents: the Treaty of 1967 on the principles of activity of states for the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, and the Agreement on the activities of states on the moon and other celestial bodies (1979 )

The first document was signed by the United States, Britain and the USSR; the second document was ratified by 18 countries, but among them there was not a single member of the G-XNUMX or a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

The purpose of both treaties was to secure the peaceful uses of the moon. The 1967 treaty, in particular, emphasized that the Moon, like other celestial bodies, "is not subject to national appropriation either by proclaiming sovereignty on them, or by use or occupation, or by any other means."

As Elina Morozova notes, since the United States did not begin to sign the 1979 agreement, today they are trying to find alternative ways to solve the issue of space resources development and emphasize their position.

“Thus, the United States initiates the rule-making process in international law,” she summarizes.

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