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Trump proposes to introduce a fee for those who want to seek asylum in the US

The Trump administration is considering charging 50 US dollars for each migrant who is applying for asylum in the United States. This proposal has caused a wave of discontent among immigration advocates.

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However, according to BuzzFeed News, if a person seeking asylum declares fear of persecution at the entry checkpoint, he will be exempt from this payment, writes The Daily Mail.

If the proposal is implemented as a policy, those migrants who cannot afford to pay 50 dollars will not be able to apply for asylum.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is responsible for processing asylum applications, is currently in charge of 300 with thousands of cases still pending. Last year, 100 submitted thousands of applications to this office.

USCIS is mainly funded by registration fees paid by immigrants who apply for green cards, work permits or legal documents for family members from abroad.

Anyone seeking legalization in America, claiming to be a victim of human trafficking or other humanitarian affairs, will not pay an application fee.

Juan Camilo Mendez Guzman, an immigration lawyer in San Francisco, said the proposed application fee is "insane."

“The reason we don’t charge for asylum claims is intuitive,” Guzman says. “Even if it stops one person from applying, what does that say about us? Are we going to charge dollar amounts to prevent people from being sent back to places of persecution? This is madness."

The application fee, if approved, will be one of the last steps taken by the Trump administration to make it harder to get asylum in the United States.


Last month, Trump issued a proclamation that banned all people crossing the US-Mexico border between official checkpoints from seeking asylum in the country. Trump issued this document in response to the fact that migrant caravans are moving to the border of America.

The court temporarily blocked the ban and later refused to restore it.

The administration appealed to the district appeals court for the immediate suspension of the injunction of Judge John Tygar of November 19. Last week, a court ruled that the ban was inconsistent with existing US law and an attempt to circumvent Congress.

In its ruling from 19 in November, Tigar sided with legal groups that claim that the law allows immigrants in the United States to seek asylum regardless of whether they legally entered.

The president “cannot rewrite immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly prohibited,” the judge said in the document.

This decision led to an unexpected public dispute between Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts after Trump dismissed Tygar as "Obama Judge" (he was appointed under 44 US President). Roberts responded by saying that there are no “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges” in the federal judicial system.

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