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Trump promised a 'radical change in US immigration policy'

On Friday, July 10, US President Donald Trump announced that he will push for radical changes in US immigration policy through an executive order that will help create a “road to citizenship” for some migrants smuggled into the country as children and translate criteria for re-entry arrived in the system of "merit", writes Bloomberg.

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New efforts will be presented “over the next four weeks,” Trump said in an interview with Telemundo.

Critics, including senior members of the presidential party, immediately questioned whether Trump had the legal authority to review immigration laws without passing legislation through Congress.

The White House quickly published an explanation of the president’s proposal that he unilaterally pave the way for citizenship for children who were brought to the United States and who are protected by the Deferred Action Program upon arrival of children, or DACA. The statement said Trump would be looking for a way to negotiate with Congress.

“The President has long stated that he is willing to work with Congress on an agreed DACA legislative solution that could include citizenship, as well as strong border security and ongoing merit-based reforms,” said Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere. - This does not include amnesty. Unfortunately, the Democrats have consistently rejected these proposals, because they are against everything except absolutely open borders. "

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According to Trump, whose initiatives were repeatedly blocked on Capitol Hill, as he insisted on efforts to tighten immigration criteria, he believed that the Supreme Court granted him new powers, rejecting attempts to curtail the Obama administration’s program granting legal status to some young migrants who are illegally in country.

“We're working on legal complications right now, but I'm going to sign a very important immigration piece of legislation as an executive order, which the Supreme Court has authorized me to do through the DACA ruling,” Trump said.

Trump did not provide a specific explanation as to why he believed the Supreme Court decision - which found that the presidential administration did not follow due process to eliminate the DACA - gave him substantial new powers. At the same time, Trump described his initiative in interchangeable terms - "legislative act" and "executive order" and spoke out with obvious contradiction about his plans for the DACA program.

“We introduced this, and we are probably going to fix it,” he said.

However, Trump’s comments have alarmed some proponents of fierce immigration policies, including Senator Ted Cruise, a Texas Republican who said the proposed plan exceeded the president’s constitutional powers.

All this happens against the backdrop of the fact that the United States has largely stopped issuing new work visas and green cards for the remainder of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement issued in June, Trump froze the issuance of new visas to highly skilled workers, people changing jobs within multinational corporations, and those who participate in work and study programs abroad.

At the time, administration officials said the H-1B program for highly skilled workers would also be restructured to focus on potential immigrants with the highest wage offers.

Last year, President’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner proposed a comprehensive immigration audit that would require the cancellation of Democratic programs, including the green card lottery. Instead, additional “points” were offered as part of the merit system for citizens of some countries. This would contribute to the overall ranking, and visa applicants would increase their score after reaching a certain age, with knowledge of the English language, having a job offer with a certain range of salaries or certification within the framework of a certain professional training.

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Kouchner’s plan was criticized because of the lack of clarity on what to do with those who are already in the country illegally and the lack of programs such as E-Verify, which allow employers to confirm their workers' visas. Republicans have long supported this system as one of the key components of immigration reform. Critics also said that the emphasis on hiring highly skilled workers could adversely affect the construction and agricultural sectors, depending on the work of immigrants.

However, Kouchner's plan can serve as the basis for the executive actions that Trump is preparing.

“It will be a very big law, a very good merit law, and it will include DACA, and I think people will be very happy,” Trump said.

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