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Trump signs decree drastically restricting the hiring of foreign workers

The White House emphasizes that it will not tolerate the replacement of Americans with cheap foreign labor, writes "Voice of America".

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US President Donald Trump on Monday, August 3, signed a priority hiring order for Americans to prevent foreign workers from replacing American workers. As highlighted in a White House statement, the Trump administration "will not tolerate firing hardworking Americans in pursuit of cheap foreign labor."

“We are convinced that jobs should be offered to Americans first of all,” the president said.

“Today I am signing a decree to ensure that the federal government lives by a very simple rule: Hire Americans,” Donald Trump said.

The decree requires federal agencies to give preference to Americans in the distribution of lucrative federal contracts.

“It would be unfair for federal employers to replace skilled Americans with workers from other countries,” the White House said in a statement.


By presidential decree, all federal agencies will be required to undergo internal scrutiny to ensure that only US citizens are appointed to competitive positions.

The decree also aims to tackle outsourcing, especially in the face of a pandemic in which millions of Americans lost their jobs.

According to a Trump administration official who asked for anonymity, the move was prompted by a June announcement by the federal energy corporation Tennessee Valley Authority that the company was firing 62 IT workers by outsourcing data and programming. Bloomberg.

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Trump called the outsourcing decision of TVA Chief Executive Jeff Lash "disastrous and heartless." Trump said that the board of directors should exclude Lyash, otherwise Trump himself will do it. He also said he would remove some of the board members, including Chairman James Thompson.

After serving the note during an event at the White House, Trump said that Lyash had called him and that the TVA chief indicated that he was “ready to change course” regarding the announced layoffs.

TVA supports Trump's executive order, Jim Hopson, a spokesman for the enterprise, said in an email statement. He also said that the functions performed by his information technology division must be performed in the United States by people who are legally allowed to work in the country. Board members "operate at the discretion of the president," and the board can still operate with the loss of one or more members, he said.

Trump's new executive order requires federal agencies to give preference to US residents and green card holders in contract positions as well as permanent positions, the official said on condition of anonymity. The order will also prompt research to determine how many federal jobs foreign visa holders hold.

“During the pandemic, President Trump kept his promise to put American workers first. As the country recovers from the effects of the pandemic, President Trump has taken steps to ensure that American workers do not have to stay on the sidelines while they are replaced by new foreign labor, the White House notes. "To protect jobs for Americans, President Trump has suspended the admission of new immigrants into the country on a number of visa categories."

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In particular, the president initiated reforms to the H-1B visa program to prioritize high-paid workers and close loopholes to keep American workers from being crowded out by cheap foreign labor.

“The US President signed a decree today taking steps to prevent foreign workers from replacing American workers. Ending the fraud and abuse of the H-1B visa system and protecting American workers are priorities for the US Labor Department and the administration, ”Labor Department Chief Eugene Scalia tweeted.

Recall that in April 2017, Trump signed the Hire American Buy American decree, which pursues a similar goal. The President has repeatedly stressed the need to create and maintain jobs in the country.

“By creating jobs, we will transform people's lives,” he said at the New York City Economics Club in November 2019.

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