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Trump gains popularity, Clinton falls short

Billionaire Donald Trump, who is running for the presidency of the Republican Party, continues to gain popularity.

According to a poll of the Washington Post newspaper and ABC News channel published on Monday, 33 percent of Republican voters are ready to vote for Trump. For comparison, in July 24 was supported by the percent of respondents.

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson during this time came in second place. If in July six percent of voters were going to vote for him, then among the participants of the poll conducted last week, he scored 20 percent.

The remaining numerous Republican candidates are desperately trying to keep up and are preparing for the second debate scheduled for Wednesday.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, according to a survey, scored nine percent, followed by Texas State Senator Ted Cruz and Florida State Senator Marco Rubio, each with seven percent.

Judging by the results of the survey, the last two months were not too successful for the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, who was second in July after Thump with thirteen percent, now received only two percent.

Hillary is losing ground

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has recently lost popularity, but still ahead of the Vermont senator Bernie Sanders: 56 percent versus 28. However, given the possible nomination of Vice President Joe Biden, who has not yet officially announced his decision, Clinton may find himself in an even more difficult position. When choosing between three candidates 42, the percentage of Democratic voters are ready to vote for Clinton, 24 percentage for Sanders and 21 percentage for Biden.

About half of respondents believe that Clinton violated the rules using a personal email account as secretary of state, and do not approve of how she behaved when it became clear. At the same time 49 percent of respondents believe that this issue should not directly affect the outcome of the elections, while 44 percent hold the opposite opinion.

According to the survey, Clinton and Trump scored roughly equal votes if they had spoken against each other in general elections today.

At the same time 63 percent of respondents negatively answered the question of whether Trump has the necessary personal qualities to become a good president.

Trump vs corporate bosses?

On Sunday, Trump called "outrageous" the fact that corporate executives receive such large salaries.

"The fact that these people earn such unbelievable sums is just nonsense," said the tycoon in the Face the Nation program on CBS.

In the USA, candidates from the Democratic Party often criticize a huge property gap between the heads of large companies and their subordinates, who can receive 350 times less. However, Republicans, who are usually considered the party of big business, rarely come out with attacks on corporate bosses and leading Wall Street players.

69-year-old Trump often brags about his wealth and the success of his high-rise building business in New York. However, he said that they themselves were to blame in the situation with excessive salaries of corporate bosses, because they fill the board of directors with their friends who approve big salaries for management.

“It really bothers me,” Trump said. - In a traditional market economy, it is difficult to do anything about it. As you know, boards of directors are called upon to control the expenses and salaries of executives, but I am very familiar with the way companies work, and usually the head of the company puts his friends on the board of directors. ”

Trump's populist anti-Washington rhetoric helped him get ahead of the other Republican candidates. In the coming weeks, he is going to submit proposals for tax cuts for individuals and corporations, but at the same time he promises to "make the hedge fund guys pay in full."

Trump vs other Republicans

Several other Republican candidates have promised that during the debate on Wednesday they will interrogate Trump about changing his views on the health care system, abortions and other problems, arguing that his views do not correspond to the views of conservative voters.

Republican Party chairman Raines Pribus on Sunday told CNN on the State of the Union program that there will probably be more recriminations during the upcoming debate than last time.

Carson, speaking this week on ABC's This Week program, refuted Trump's recent statement that he does not have enough energy to be president.

“It’s not necessary to make a lot of noise in order to be energetic,” he noted.


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