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Trump can deport immigrants for social benefits

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The Donald Trump administration is considering several new regulations that aim to create new restrictions for immigrants.

In particular, entry for immigrants who are suspected by immigration officials of the fact that they may receive social assistance from the state after arriving in the US may be prohibited. In addition, immigrants already living in the United States may be deported if they received government assistance at the expense of taxpayers. The Washington Post has at its disposal a draft of this regulations.

At the same time, as the publication emphasizes, it is unclear whether Trump is going to give the order to this resolution and when it can be signed if he decides to approve it. The White House did not confirm or deny the veracity of this document and did not respond to the request of the Washington Post journalists to receive a comment on this topic.

The Trump administration blames immigrants who receive social assistance from the state for consuming federal resources. In addition, he believes that workers who came from abroad take jobs from American citizens.

The administration, according to the text of the document, plans to develop standards for determining how a foreigner can be deported if he received social assistance during 5 years from the date of entry into the country, including food stamps and TANF and Medicaid assistance.

Edition Vox also notes that the draft decree requires people who sponsored an immigrant to obtain a residence permit in the United States to reimburse the federal government for the cost of all the benefits that he received. It is worth noting that in some cases even now the government may demand such compensation, but in reality this practically does not occur.

Recall on Friday 27 January US President Donald Trump signed a decree on a temporary ban on the entry into the US of refugees and citizens of 7 Muslim countries.



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