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Trump can boycott the next debate

Favorite pre-election race among republicans Donald Trump may skip the next debate if the CNBC channel that broadcasts them does not change the format of the show.

Among the main complaints against the organizers is the lack of opportunity for the debaters to give a speech at the beginning and at the end of the broadcast. In addition, the duration of the third debates that will take place on October 28 in Boulder, Colorado, is still unknown.

Trump's assistant Corey Lewandowski said that the criteria set by the CNBC channel were not discussed in advance with any of the Republican candidates.

“The only thing that representatives of the CNBC channel did was send us a memo with the words“ Here are the criteria in the form in which you approved them. ” But we didn’t agree on any criteria, ”explains Lewandowski.

The claims expressed by the billionaire magnate were supported by other candidates for nomination from the Republican Party. Representatives of Ben Carson and Senator Rand Paul expressed their dissatisfaction, and assistants Ted Cruise and Mike Huckabee reiterated calls for clarification of the rules for the TV channel.

According to Cory Lewandowski, the duration of the debate should be limited to two hours, while the previous communication of the Republican candidates on CNN lasted almost three hours.

Trump's aide called on the Republican Party’s National Committee not to consider the CNBC debate a mandatory event for candidates, unless clarity on the format of the broadcast comes before the end of the day. The National Committee has not yet commented on a possible boycott by the participants in the debates.

CNBC spokesman Brian Steele, in turn, said that the channel’s goal is to conduct the most meaningful debate. The experience, according to Steele, shows that, due to the absence of opening speeches, the participants in the debates have more time to discuss important topics that "are of great importance for Americans."

The channel's employee stressed that discussions with the candidates have been going on since yesterday, and all wishes will be considered when approving the structure of the upcoming debates.

The Forum previously reported that the previous Republican debate, held in September, broke the record for the initial debate ever broadcast on the internet.

Tuesday took place first debates of the Democratic Party, in which the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is considered the clear favorite in the camp of the Democrats, was the soloist.

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