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Trump wants to lift US citizenship by place of birth

A potential US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, on the air of the evening show Bill O'Reilly called to expel children of illegal migrants born in the territory of the United States from the country, Politico reports.

“I don’t think they have US citizenship, although if you talk to some very good lawyers, they will not agree with that. But many will agree - they do not have citizenship. We need to start taking our country for ourselves. Our country is going to hell! ”- declared Trump.

According to the plans of the politician, children of illegal immigrants, contrary to the Constitution, will not have the rights of US citizens. He cites as an example the situation when a Mexican couple comes to the territory of the United States for two days and their child born in the country becomes a citizen.

In the event of his victory, Trump intends to go to court and seek recognition of such a rule as unconstitutional.

The 14 Amendment of the US Constitution provides for the granting of citizenship according to the "soil principle": if a child is born in the country, he will receive citizenship regardless of the parents' citizenship.

According to the American rules, even the Supreme Court cannot recognize the amendment as unconstitutional, since it is an integral part of the Constitution itself. To change the basic law, a new amendment must be proposed by two thirds of senators and congressmen. It enters into force upon approval by three quarters of all states. The president is not involved in this process.

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