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Toyota recalls 1,7 million vehicles in the US due to faulty airbags

Toyota recalls 1,7 million cars in North America to replace faulty airbags in the front seats produced by the Japanese company Takata. It is reported by NBC New York.

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On Wednesday, January 9, it was announced that Toyota plans to first withdraw 1,3 million vehicles in the United States. This will be the most grandiose review in the history of the country.

Takata airbags are dangerous because in an accident they can open up with very great force and shoot at the driver and passengers with pieces of plastic and metal. At least 23 people around the world have already died because of them, and hundreds of people were injured.

These airbags are installed in Toyota 4Runner (2010-2016 years of release), Corolla and Matrix (2010-2013 years), and Sienna (2011-2014 years). Also on the review list are Lexus models: ES 350 (2010-2012 years), GX 460 (2010-2017 years), IS 250C and 350C (2010-2015 years), 250 and 350 IS (2010-2013 years), IS -F (2010-2014 years).

Will also withdraw cars Scion XB 2010-2015's release.

Takata used ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and quickly inflate airbags. But the chemical can deteriorate over time due to high humidity and temperature extremes.

The most dangerous regions for these cars are in the south along the Gulf of Mexico, because there is always high humidity. Toyota and Lexus dealers will either replace the pump that inflates the airbag, or install new airbags from other manufacturers that do not contain ammonium nitrate.

Car owners will be notified by mail or other means until the end of January.

Toyota does not report whether someone died due to faulty airbags immediately before announcing the recall of cars. Owners can check if their vehicles are subject to recall by going to or and entering the vehicle license plate number or identification number.

The Toyota recall is part of the phased replacement of Takata pumps. Automakers plan to replace 10 million pumps starting this month. Ford and Honda also announced the recall of their cars. Three years have passed since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has taken over the management of the recalls of cars with Takata inflators installed.

Thirds of recalled cars have not replaced the inflators, according to the annual government report It states that 16,7 million faulty inflators from 50 million that are subject to recall have not yet been replaced. A massive recall of vehicles led Takata to seek bankruptcy protection and sold most of its assets to pay for equipment replacement.

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