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Toyota and Honda recall millions of cars: what's going on

The two largest Japanese automakers, Toyota and Honda, are recalling millions of cars due to security concerns, writes CNN.

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On January 21, Toyota said it would recall 3,4 million cars, 2,9 million of which are in the United States, due to potentially defective equipment designed to protect passengers during the accident.

Affected models in North, Central and South America include some Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Avalon and Avalon cars that were produced between 2010 and 2019.

In a separate announcement that same day, Honda said it was recalling 2,7 million cars: 2,4 million in the United States and 300 in Canada. According to the automaker, some Honda Acura cars that were released between 000 and 1996 may have Takata dysfunctional airbags that could have been made without the “appropriate seals” needed to operate correctly.

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Toyota car recall

According to company representatives, Toyota cars are being recalled, as they may be equipped with a faulty electronic control unit (ECU), designed to protect passengers during an accident.

The device is supposed to interact with the vehicle's sensors to help deploy its airbags and seat belt pretensioners, which are part of the belt — they are designed to tighten and hold the driver in a collision and help reduce the risk of injury.

Toyota said this week that the ECU in these cars may not function properly due to certain interference that could interfere with the connection of the device’s sensors, which “could lead to malfunctioning or malfunctioning of the airbags and / or seat belt pretensioners”.

The company plans to notify anyone affected by the recall in the United States by mid-March. Drivers will be asked to check their cars at Toyota dealerships, where they can be offered a new noise filter to help resolve sensor communication problems if necessary.

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Honda car recall

Meanwhile, Honda's recall is another headache for Japanese airbag maker Takata.

Honda officials say its latest issue is not related to the massive Takata airbag scandal, which includes malfunctions, which could cause airbags to explode, inflate, and even injure passengers with their parts. This problem has already prompted the Japanese manufacturer of airbags to declare bankruptcy and has led to the largest car recall in history with tens of millions of cars.

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According to this recall, 34 car brands from Ferrari (RACE) to Ford (F) were affected. According to the Australian government, the crisis has led to fatal consequences and is associated with at least 29 deaths and hundreds of injured around the world.

Honda also urges car owners to schedule an inspection, although it says it will soon be unable to help solve the problem. Due to the lack of “alternative spare parts”, according to the automaker, the company will not be able to start free inspections or repairs within a year.

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