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Goods and services that can be obtained for free in December

December has come, which means the last chance this year to take advantage of free promotions and offers. Money Talks News.

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Amazing deals, from free TV shows and movies to free greeting cards, kid's craft accessories, and of course coffee, will cheer you up as 2020 ends.

Free coronavirus antibody test - ongoing

Wondering if you have had a coronavirus? The American Red Cross offers a useful way to do this. Donate blood, platelets or plasma and the Red Cross will test your blood for antibodies, which are produced when the body fights infections such as COVID-19.

Free Access to National Parks for Military Families - Continuing

Beginning November 11, Veterans Day, all Gold Star families and veterans of the US Armed Forces are eligible for free admission to national parks, nature reserves, and other federal states administered by the Department of the Interior. The program also includes land and waters operated by the USDA Forest Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Find out more link.

Free gift cards - all the time

Free coffee at Panera Bread and My Corner Bakery - until the end of the month

Get a coupon for a free cup of coffee without strings attached at Corner Bakery here and sign up for free unlimited coffee or tea from Panera Bread until the end of 2020 (and only $ 8,99 a month after) here.

Free Nightfood Ice Cream - Continues

What could be better than a delicious and healthy ice cream to eat at night? Designed for late snacks, Nightfood Ice Cream contains more fiber and protein, less fat and sugar (and fewer calories) than traditional ice cream. The product also boasts "added minerals, digestive enzymes and amino acids" and contains no artificial sweeteners. Find out more and get a free portion link.

Free Toilet Roll Extension - Continues

These days, toilet paper is on everyone's mind as the pandemic periodically causes shortages across the country. You may have recently realized that your toilet paper holder is too small for large rolls.

Procter & Gamble is giving away Charmin Roll Expanders for free, which increase the space in the roll holder. You can get at this link.

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Free Postcards for Teachers - While Supplies Are Available

Want to thank the teachers, administrators, and other school staff for everything they do? Share your gratitude with three free Hallmark cards. Find out more and register here.

Free Movies and Shows on Netflix and YouTube - Continues

If you love great entertainment but hate spending your holiday savings on paying for it, watch popular TV shows and movies on Netflix и YouTube at no extra charge.

Both providers offer an exciting set of free content (eg Stranger Things and Our Planet) - no subscription required.

Speaking of YouTube. If you enjoy this service but are not transferring ads, subscribe to YouTube Premium ad-free. Until December 6, you can get three months for free. After that, the service will cost $ 11,99 per month. Find out more at this link.

Free Craft Accessories (and Coupon) at JCPenney - Dec 12

Stop by your local JCPenney store from 11am to noon Saturday, December 12th for a free Nerf Kids Craft Accessory Pack and a 10% off coupon for adults.

An additional savings coupon can be combined “with any other JCPenney coupon to increase your savings”. Find out more here.

Free Baby Boxing on Amazon - Continues

Newly made parents can please themselves and their baby for free baby boxcontaining items worth up to $ 35 for themselves and the child.

They will also receive a 10% discount on any items listed in the Amazon Baby Registry - 15% if they are Prime members.

Free bidding - ongoing

Charles Schwab, E * TRADE, TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, and Fidelity are offering trades at $ 0 commission on stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Just don't overdo your trading and don't let fear get the best of you. Both can cost you more in long-term investment losses than you will save by taking advantage of the free trades.

Free Microsoft Office 365 for students and teachers - all the time

Did you know that students and teachers can get Office 365 Education for free? Offer includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams, as well as additional classroom tools.

So, unsubscribe from your paid subscription and start right now.

Free water testing kit - ongoing

While hard water is not hazardous to health, it can clog pipes, build up sediment on drinking glasses and make laundry dirty, and other inconveniences.

If you want to know if you are part of 3 out of 4 American households with hard water at home, Morton will send you free test strip.

Free Satellite Radio - Continues

You can use it for free right now SiriusXM during three months. Alternatively, you can stream online and in the Sirius app.

To get this deal, you must have a car with an inactive satellite radio installed at the factory.

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Free Pet Inspections - Continuing

The pet hospital network offers a free initial examination of your pet.

PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital are offering new clients with cats and dogs free office visits and veterinary advice. Fill out the form on the website Banfieldand you will receive a coupon to present when you visit.

Clinic VCA Animal Hospital also offers free pet health checks in many locations across the country.

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