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Tornadoes and thunderstorms in the USA: 19 people killed, thousands of homes destroyed

At least 19 people died as a result of tornadoes and storms that swept through the central regions of the United States. Hundreds of houses were destroyed, hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity, reports with the BBC.

close up rooftop of a wooden house over stormy clouds sky and approaching tornado.


As Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified at a press conference on May 26, eight deaths related to hurricane, seven in Cook County, Texas, two in Mays County, Oklahoma, and two in Kentucky: one in Louisville and the second in Mercer County, where a tree fell on a house.

Among the deaths in Arkansas was a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was dependent on an oxygen concentrator, which stopped working after a power outage. Other victims included a man who died of a heart attack. Another victim was killed when a fallen tree fell onto a trailer.

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Nearly 500 people in several states were without power on May 000.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said a third of his state's counties are under a state of emergency. disaster.

Sheriff Ray Sappington of Cook County, Texas, said the dead included two children, ages 2 and 5, and three members of the same family.

In the area, a gas station and a rest area were destroyed, cars turned into pieces of twisted metal.

The tornadoes overturned trucks, shut down highways near Dallas and left tens of thousands of people without power across the region.

Meanwhile, lightning, thunder and heavy rain forced the evacuation of about 125 spectators from Sunday's Indianapolis 000 race.

Everything happened in two minutes

Frank Soltysiak, who lives in a mobile home park in north Texas, said his home was destroyed within minutes by the storm.

He was having lunch at a nearby restaurant when bad weather struck. The man grabbed his dog and took refuge in the restaurant's refrigerator.

“This is the safest structure where you could hide. When I came out, I saw the results of the destruction: in just 2 minutes everything disappeared,” Soltysiak said. The storms in Texas coincided with record heat in parts of the state.

In Oklahoma, two people were killed in Mays County and six others were injured, local emergency management officials said.

Arkansas officials said a 26-year-old woman was found dead near a destroyed home in Olvey, and another of the state's four deaths was reported in Benton County. There are also reports of several injuries.

Police in Rogers, Arkansas, said they were able to rescue several people who were trapped after the tornado toppled trees and power lines and damaged gas lines.

In Kentucky, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenburg confirmed on social media that a man died May 26 when a tree fell during a severe storm.

“We are experiencing the lasting pain of loss of life, including the grief of a family who lost their children, ages 2 and 5,” Governor Abbott said at a news conference. “When they woke up yesterday, they had no idea that their family would be literally crushed by this terrifying storm.”

Storms move east

By the afternoon of May 26, the storm system began moving east, according to the National Weather Service. The service warned of strong winds and hail in the system's path.

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About 470 people were without power in states from Texas to Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky, according to the website

Government forecasters have described this summer as a possible "extraordinary" 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins next month.

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