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Severe hail storm and tornado hit the southeastern United States: one person died

Deadly storms hit the Gulf Coast. One person died in Mississippi as a tornado ripped through Louisiana and heavy rains caused flooding across New Orleans, reports Yahoo.

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On April 10, more than 30 million people in the central Gulf Coast states of Louisiana and Alabama, as well as the southeastern United States, were under threat of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The severe weather resulted in heavy rains and a hurricane. Rescue operations and evacuations are underway in the region. How to survive a tornado - find out in this our article.

Officials in Slidell, Louisiana, in the New Orleans area, warned residents about the dangers of going outside. Police are working to rescue people trapped in their cars and homes. Where storms are predicted in the USA in 2024 - read our material.

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By April 12, gusty winds and widespread rainfall will impact the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions, with excessive rainfall in parts of northern New Hampshire and western Maine.

Storm route

On April 8, the storm struck Texas and then moved east to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

The National Weather Service (NWS) warns that a powerful storm system on April 11 will cause flash flooding and "widespread damaging winds," multiple tornadoes and large hail.

According to PowerOutage.us, as of the morning of April 10, about 300 people in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana were without power.

By April 11, the storm is forecast to move into the Southeast, including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.

In Pensacola, Florida, strong winds uprooted a huge tree and toppled it onto Robert Havens' mobile home. Just before the tree crushed the center of the trailer, Havens was able to take his roommate, Robert Johnson, into the bathroom, where they both took refuge.


On April 9, more than 100 Louisiana residents were under a multiple tornado warning stretching from the northeast to the southeast of the state. The NWS issued a tornado warning for Jackson, St. Francisville and Wilson until the morning of April 000th.

Residents were warned to prepare for wind gusts of up to 110 km per hour and hail the size of ping pong balls.

Law enforcement and local officials advised Louisiana residents to stay off the roads and watch out for "deadly" flying debris outdoors.

“The water is rising now. We're trying to get high-water vehicles into these areas to rescue people,” said Slidell spokesman Daniel Suseno. “Trees are downed everywhere, power lines are down.”

At least 11 school districts, as well as businesses and all state government buildings, were closed on April 10. Classes at Louisiana State University and Southeastern Louisiana University have moved online.


More than 4 million people in South Texas were impacted by severe thunderstorms early on April 10, the NWS reported. Several tornadoes were forecast to occur during the afternoon of April 10th.

Up to 30 cm of precipitation fell in Texas.

A flood emergency has been declared for the southeast Texas towns of Kirbyville and Newton, which are near the Louisiana border.

Emergency crews responded to "10-15 high water rescues" in Kirbyville in the early morning hours of April 10th. Major roads there were closed due to flooding.
Wind gusts reached 140 km/h in Briscoe and 125 km/h in Knox City, as well as in northern parts of the state.

Hail the size of baseballs and tennis balls was reported in other parts of Texas, such as Austin.

“Texans in at-risk areas are encouraged to monitor the weather, listen to the guidance of officials and create an emergency plan to protect themselves and their loved ones,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned residents in the region.


The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency confirmed one person was killed and one was injured due to severe weather conditions in the state.

The death of 64-year-old Shirley Wilson is storm-related, according to Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee. The deceased had several illnesses that required constant access to an electric oxygen machine. When the power went out at Shirley Wilson's home in central Mississippi, her oxygen machine shut down.

A tornado warning was in effect for central and southern Mississippi on April 10 until 13 p.m.

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A flood warning was also issued for Jackson and surrounding towns. Some places received a total of more than 20 cm of rain. Heavy rainfall could lead to "extensive street flooding" and overflow of nearby waterways.

North of Jackson, in Yazoo County, the sheriff's office warned residents in one area to evacuate.

“The dam on the lake is about to break and flood homes,” the sheriff’s office said. “Please leave as soon as possible!”

More than 100 sandbags were provided to Mississippians to protect their homes and property.


A tornado warning was issued for more than 1,5 million residents in southwest Alabama on April 10, the NWS said. Several tornadoes may move through the region.

Alabama residents can expect hail and gusty winds of up to 128 mph.

Meteorologists are warning residents in central Alabama that flash flooding caused by "excessive rainfall" is possible. A flood warning will remain in effect for this part of the state until the morning of April 11th.

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