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Tornadoes with huge hail swept through Oklahoma and Kansas: they tore off roofs and felled trees

On May 19, the central part of the United States was under the influence of powerful storms with damaging wind gusts. Tornadoes and baseball-sized hail hit Oklahoma, reports Dailymail.

Conceptual image of cloudscape image of storm with dark clouds and approaching tornado


The hurricane swept through Oklahoma and Kansas. The wind tore roofs off houses. Downed trees and downed power lines blocked roads.

Destructive element

About 20 homes were damaged in western Oklahoma's Custer County, and two people were injured in Butler. Damage was also reported at a nursing home in Hydro.

Wind gusts of more than 96 km per hour were recorded in many areas.

Storms, which began on May 19 during the day and lasted all night, moved east. In central Kansas, a wind gust of 160 mph was recorded at Salina Airport, according to the National Weather Service.

According to the Met Office, on May 19 it received 13 reports of tornado from Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

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On Monday, May 20, schools were closed in several localities. More storms were forecast later that day.

Casualties and destruction in Houston

A similar storm devastated Texas and Louisiana on May 16. It hit Houston. The wind there reached a speed of 160 km per hour. The storm killed at least seven people and left one million people without power.

Thunderstorms and hurricane-force winds swept through the city of more than two million people, turning businesses and other buildings into ruins. The storm uprooted trees and shattered glass in downtown skyscrapers.

Authorities are assessing the damage and urging residents to remain vigilant as cleanup and recovery efforts begin.

By the evening of May 19, 88% of customers in the Houston area had received power, according to Paul Locke, a spokesman for CenterPoint Energy.

On the morning of May 20, more than 225 homes and businesses in Texas were without power, mostly in the Houston area, as well as more than 000 customers in Louisiana, which was also hit by high winds and tornadoes.

A 72-year-old man died after being crushed by a falling crane, authorities said.

Another man was knocked unconscious while trying to move a fallen power pole and died. A woman was found dead in a trailer. It was struck by lightning, causing a fire.

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The National Weather Service said the storm peaked with winds of 160 mph in Houston and an EF-1 tornado with winds of 177 mph in Cypress.

Schools were closed due to widespread power outages and traffic light outages.

922 homes and businesses suffered power outages during the storm's peak.

CenterPoint Energy officials said restoration in the hardest-hit areas could take several days.

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