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Top of the best in USA: personal experience

Over the past three years, I traveled to the United States four times, visiting the order of 10 states in different parts of the country, including New York, California, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, DC Some impressions about America have been formed: I already wrote about why I do not want to emigrate there and what moments are frankly straining. It is time to restore justice! Today, all that is good in the United States for an ordinary tourist, not a local resident.

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When I made this rating, it turned out that almost all positions in it are from the sphere of consumption. It can be argued that the United States is the country of winning consumers, everything is really done for them.

5. post office

Mail is such a slow and inconvenient service in our area - it works just perfectly in the USA. Through the mail in America, most issues are resolved, it allows you to use various services and promptly receive bills and information. Ordering home goods via mail in the USA is a pleasure. Without hesitation, working tracking, the ability to use accelerated types of delivery, low cost of services. What else does?

4. Speed ​​and quality of service

If you think that you have seen cafes and restaurants where they serve quickly, then in the USA your views will change drastically. I did not see such a speed of processing orders anywhere, and when it seems that it cannot be any faster, some eatery will set a record. Incredible!

It is important to note that a crowded bar does not mean that there will be brakes. I had a chance to somehow be in the pub, where people stood so tightly, as if in the Minsk bus of the 100 route. No hitch with the transfer of beer on the head was not in sight.

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In addition, no waiter or bartender will allow himself to work with sour mug, as if doing a favor to the client. They are really glad to serve you here (so leave a generous tip, up to 20% of the order).

3. All run

The United States is a country that is fooled into a healthy lifestyle. Of course, running and jumping do not worry me very much, but the general passion for health speaks about the nation more than anything else. Yes, Americans have objective reasons to look after themselves (this is cheaper than the prospect of being in a hospital bed in a financial sense), but still - this is cool.

2. Prices

Anything that doesn’t concern services is cheap in the USA. Food, fuel and especially clothing. And especially - if you buy online or in an outlet. At every visit to America, I definitely go shopping to buy clothes. On my weathered Belarusian cheeks quiet tears of happiness flow when I give away $ 505 for three pairs of 120's “Levis”.

1. Positive!

Here is a cross for you: the USA is an incredibly positive country. The level of frown there is amazingly low compared to Belarus. To be cursed, hissed after, pushed his shoulders in the bus, groaned under his feet, daring at the bar counter, tsykali at the store's checkout? No, this is not found in the United States.

In America, they smile at strangers - and after a week of living in the country, you want to smile back.

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Americans are very positive in life and are ready to work hard for the sake of their happiness. A simple formula from which personal and social happiness is formed, but for some reason impracticable in our latitudes.

* * * Of course, this rating is very subjective and very tourist. In America, missing, perhaps, even more positive pieces. Probably, other prospects are also open to those who permanently live here (opportunities for rest, access to new cars - something I heard about, but did not penetrate deeply), but if you are a tourist, you, like me, sweep only the surface, from which and develops the image of the country.

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