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Top 9 mobile applications for learning English

Those who have moved to the United States often face the question of how to learn English if they have never spoken it before. One option (besides schools and conversation clubs) is mobile apps. Their plus is that you can study in any convenient place and at any convenient time. The downside is that you still can't speak English without live communication.

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However, with the necessary discipline and regularity, mobile apps can lay a good foundation for the future of fluent English. The study methodology, and accordingly the mobile application itself, must be chosen based on your personality type. After all, what is good for the visual is not suitable for the auditor, and for the kinesthetic it is generally a waste of time. ForumDaily has selected nine of the best apps for different tastes to help you learn the language.


1. Easy ten

According to British scientists, in everyday life, native speakers use around 3000 everyday words. Screenshot application Easy ten

According to British scientists, in everyday life, native speakers use around 3000 everyday words. Screen shot of the Easy ten application.

When you find out that the author of this application is a plastic surgeon, you understand why it is not only useful and convenient, but also aesthetically beautiful. In this application, we took into account that not always only beginners want to replenish their vocabulary. In the application, you can choose words to memorize from those categories where you have the most spaces. You need to choose the level of your training and, based on it, the “robot” will replenish your vocabulary. A handy thing: enter the words that you want to learn into a special player, and they will be spoken out loud again and again - in English and Russian. You can search for and add to the lists the words that you decide to learn. For example, translate a foreign text and, so that new words are not forgotten, create a list from them, which will be given to you in portions, according to the methodology conceived in the application.

There is a “tamagotchi” function. Remember this electronic animal that reminded when it needed to be fed? The “conscience” built into the application will surely remind you: it's time to learn 10 new words. Seems like “10 a day” is not enough? But “300 per month” sounds much more solid.

Price: The application can be used for free for three days, then you need to buy the full version for $ 4.99 for a month or for $ 19,99 for a year.

2. Duolingo

When using the "DuoLingo" application, T9 should be turned off, because if you use the prompts, you will not fool the application, but yourself. Screen shot of the application

When using the DuoLingo application, T9 should be disabled, because if you use prompts, you will not be fooled by the application, but by yourself. Screen shot of the application.

Starting to work with DuoLingo is a test that tests your knowledge. You have to be as honest as you can with a doctor or a lawyer. The program remembers errors and then will offer to repeat those words that are written or understood incorrectly.

In DuoLingo, you can choose the level and tempo yourself. The entire learning process takes place in the form of a game. Each level has three lives. Spent - start over.

There is also a function in the application from the series “Be kind, slow down, I’m writing down”: if you don’t understand what a native speaker is saying, you can choose the option where the same phrase is pronounced very slowly.

Of the minuses - not enough information on the grammar, so for the completeness of sensations you will have to download another application, in which the strong side is the grammar.

Price: Free.

3. LinguaLeo

4 LinguaLeo

LinguaLeo will add words such as "keen tracker" or "meatball" to your vocabulary. Screen shot of the application.

A sort of "Big Brother", which immediately conducts a strict test and determines the level of knowledge of English. Confused in all a-the-an - get all the grammar lessons that you deserve. New words can be learned by selecting sections. If it is convenient to perceive by ear - listen, with your eyes - see the illustrations. This is one of the few applications where no grammar is left for later. She is given a lot of time, and knowledge is constantly checked. Wrong - you will learn this form, theme or design again.

If you are kinesthetic, this application is just fine. During training, you will have, for example, to translate lyrics, favorite TV series and films. A more accurate appeal to your memories and imagination does not come up.

There are no “reminders” in the application: I didn’t do it - it’s my own fault, no one will remind you, send notifications too.

In the app, you can buy "gold status" and get full access to all functions, for example, to a more in-depth study of grammar.

The dictionary can be independently expanded and replenished not only with words, but also with whole sentences. Since the form of learning is playful, be prepared for words like “keen tracker” or “meatball” to appear in your vocabulary.

Price: Free.

4. Rosettastone

5 RosettaStone

Rosetta Stone is designed for those who like to play associations. Screen shot of the application.

This is one of the very high quality helpers for learning American English. Basic knowledge and basics can be studied for free, then it depends on which application you download. Based on this technique, a number of applications have been developed.

Rosetta Stone is suitable for those who like to play in associations. All training is built on them. The technique is convenient because it covers all areas that need to be considered when studying the English that is spoken in America: the spoken language, and grammar, and the ability to correctly hear.

Price: The first classes are free, the full package of classes is $ 500.

5. Effortless English

Effortless was developed by a teacher from San Francisco. Screen shot application

Effortless was developed by a teacher from San Francisco. Screen shot of the application.

Effortless English / AJ Hoge - Another application for learning American English. His motto is to learn with ears, not eyes. A San Francisco teacher developed his own system, which is not based on studying the rules of grammar, but on the fact that you listen to short stories, and then his explanations of these stories.

Next - the trick: you listen to the same story in indefinite tenses, continuous tenses, perfect tenses and perfect continuous tenses. By comparing how it all sounds, you understand how tenses "work" in English. From a simple level, you can go to a difficult one, and then to the most difficult.

Price: The application can be used free of charge, by purchasing additional levels on request for $ 1.99.


LingQ has the largest library and online lesson base. Screen shot of the application.

LingQ has the largest library and online lesson base. Screen shot of the application.

The app is completely unlike the competition. Such a large library and database of online lessons, perhaps, is not found in any other application. Convenient function: the application remembers which words were difficult for you, marks them and periodically “throws in” information so that complex words are repeated and remembered. The paid version differs from the free version in that it allows you to communicate with the teacher, but even without this function, the application has enough functions for those who want to learn to understand, write, and read fluently. An important nuance: for high-quality work, it is desirable to have a permanent Internet connection.

Price: The application can be used for free, by purchasing the opportunity to communicate with the teacher from $ 10 to $ 79, depending on the intensity.

7. BritishCouncil

BritishCouncil offers about a dozen of its own products. Screen shot of the application.

BritishCouncil offers about a dozen of its own products. Screen shot of the application.

Courses with the same name are known, probably, to everyone who has decided to add the most serious textbooks and learn the most correct English. British Council courses The British Council has moved from online to a mobile app. Each of the applications (and there will be a dozen of them: separate for grammar, separate for listening, separate for children) has been downloaded by over a million users. The introductory version is enough to understand if the British linguists' method is right for you. Don't neglect Phonics Stories, which is also part of the BritishCouncil family. It is designed for toddlers, but, in fact, not every adult will cope with the tasks the first time, especially those related to understanding stories and stories by ear.

Price: First classes - free, whole package - оt $ 0,99 up to $ 1,57 for a lesson or topic.

8. Anki

Anki offers a variety of topics. Screen shot of the application.

Anki offers a variety of topics. Screen shot of the application.

Do you like to play cards? Remember new words at association level? And you still wonder why such a simple and convenient game is not offered in all applications? Because for flashcards there is a completely independent and very popular application - Anki. You can immediately select topics that interest, download flashcards and learn the words of the desired subject. And so that they are not forgotten, the application has a function of repetition: after a certain time interval, you will definitely be reminded of the material covered.

Price: Free.

9. Words

Words entered the top best 2014 apps of the year. Screenshot

Words entered the top best 2014 apps of the year. Screenshot.

This application recommends and calls the best among the educational Apple itself. Words recognized as the best application for learning English words, entered the top best 2014 applications of the year and became the Best new App in the same 2014 year. If you trust - try, especially since the application is for Apple products and for competitors with the Android operating system.

A big plus of the application: it can work without an internet connection. In the dictionary about 10 000 words, and which words to learn, what to focus on during class, the program itself will decide, which will be able to adapt to you after the verification test.

Attached 330 lessons. In one lesson, you can learn 20-30 new words. In the free version there are only the first five lessons that can impress a beginner, but greatly disappoint those who have vocabulary at the household level does not need to be replenished, and the basics of grammar are already available. But if you decide on a more serious acquaintance - get a dictionary of 40 000 words and the opportunity to create independent lessons, that is, to give tasks to the program: they say I want a dozen or two new words and tasks about integrals and jumps by tomorrow. And you get it!

Price: Free.

Unfortunately, none of the applications can not download such an additional function as perseverance and perseverance. They will have to find themselves! In another way, alas, does not work.


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