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Eight Tips to Save in American Stores

The USA is a shopping paradise. The shops here do their best to make the buyer satisfied, providing various opportunities to save money. Forum has collected eight tips that will help turn shopping into a wallet-free event. And we are not talking about seasonal discounts and sales, but about such non-trivial tricks as buying a gift certificate for yourself or sending the seller to the website of competitors who offer a lower price.

  1. Store Cards

The bottom line: Each of the retail chains offers its own loyalty cards, through which you can get additional discounts on goods.

The principle of their work may be different: starting from promotional prices for certain goods (such as in the Safeway supermarket chain) and ending with a fixed discount on all purchases (for example, Macy's credit card holders receive additional 20% discounts on any purchase).

Tatyana Montgomery from Sacramento has long been using the Safeway card. "Without this card you pay full price. By the way, if you forgot the card, you can simply enter your phone number - they are connected. If there is no card at all, you can ask the cashier to make a discount or try to enter a friend’s phone - suddenly his number is in the system, ”Tatiana advises.

Specialist in economical shopping Tatiana Montgomery with her daughter Allison. Lena Veller photo

Specialist in economical shopping Tatiana Montgomery with her daughter Allison. Lena Veller photo

She also has a Gap store credit card, which is also valid in the corporation's subsidiaries - Old Navy, Banana Republic. “When you pay with this card, the store makes a 20% discount, which is added to other discounts. As a result - the price pleases ", - the girl smiles.

  1. Price adjustment

The bottom line: if you bought a thing, and after a while it went down, then you will overestimate it and return the overpaid difference. As a rule, this can be done within two weeks after purchase. With a must bring a check.

Thus, almost all large retail chains adjust the price.

It is useful to use such an opportunity before large sales, if you are careful that you can disassemble the items you like that you need. However, do not forget that the goods may not be cheaper.

Sometimes shops have their limitations. For example, Macy's reviews the price only if you originally bought the product without any coupons, and Nordstrom he warns that he can revise the price of a product only once, but designer items purchased during a sale are not subject to revaluation at all.

  1. Price adjustment (Price match)

Substance: Almost all stores are ready to reduce prices for their goods, if in another store you have found the same thing at a lower cost. And it doesn’t matter whether you are comparing with online stores or regular ones.

Tatyana Montgomery thanks to this opportunity saves a decent amount. "I bought a GoPro camera. It cost $ 400 at Best Buy, and I found one in an online store for $ 350. And Best Buy gave me a discount, ”she says.

However, as a rule, retailers only take into account the prices of well-known online stores. Sites like eBay, where non-new or forged goods can be sold, do not work in this case.

“By comparing the price on Amazon, I save about $ 60 on a professional printer cartridge, which costs $ 400. It makes me happy, ”admits Tatiana.

Irina Novik from California also often compares prices in different stores. Based on his experience, he says that it works especially well with large purchases — household and computer equipment, furniture, etc.

Irina Novik always advises to check prices on the Internet before large purchases. Photos from the personal archive

Irina Novik always advises checking prices on the Internet before large purchases. Photos from the personal archive

“I recently bought a washing machine and dryer. Found a low price on some website, called a local store and asked if they would sell for that amount. They agreed. We also bought a wireless speaker for our son. At Best Buy it cost $ 150, we found it on Amazon for $ 120, and Best Buy sold it to us for $ 120, ”Irina shares her experience.

Shops are constantly expanding the list of their competitors, with whom they are ready to compete in the best price. So, recently, Target has significantly increased the list of stores at whose prices it is ready to navigate. Among them: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, CVS, JCPenney, Kohls, Macys, Office Depot, Petco, Petsmart, Walmart and even Costco, for purchases in which you need to get paid membership.

  1. Discount coupons

Substance: All stores from time to time offer discount coupons that are published on their websites, in local newspapers or sent by mail if you leave your details.

Svetlana Panova from Florida often uses such coupons, significantly saving on purchases. “If you bought something at Macy's at least once and left your contact information, they will constantly send coupons by email. You don't even need to print such coupons, you can just show them on your phone. In addition, there are many discount coupons in local newspapers. I use them a lot, ”she says.

Svetlana Panova recommends actively using discount coupons. Photos from the personal archive

Svetlana Panova recommends actively using discount coupons. Photos from the personal archive

  1. Competitor coupons

The bottom line: Stores accept discount coupons of competitors even at the time when they have no promotion for this product.

Among them Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot / Office Max, PetSmart, Michaels, Bi-lo, Harris teeter, Lowes foods, Price Chopper, Publix other. The motivation is clear: the stores are ready to make concessions to the buyer, if only he spends money from them, and not from competitors.

  1. Frozen Discount (Raincheck)

The bottom line: if in the supermarket the goods ended at a discount and you did not have time to buy it, take the so-called “raincheck” from the cashier and as soon as the goods reappear on sale, even at full cost, you can buy it at a discount price that was that day when you took the check.

As a rule, supermarkets give “raincheck” for food and household chemicals. However, the quantity of goods that you can buy at a discount price is usually limited.

Irina Novik often uses this opportunity. “In supermarkets like Safeway or Lucky, I always take a raincheck if the item on sale is out of stock,” she says. - Even if the product appears the next day and you buy it at a discount, it is not necessary to give the store your raincheck. Save it for the future, and in a couple of weeks you will be able to buy the same product, but at a discount that is no longer there. "

In some raincheck stores with no expiration date, in others, it can only be used for several months. For example, in Safeway It is valid for 90 days.

  1. Gift Card Payment

The bottom line: if you pay with a gift card, you get a discount. You can buy a gift card for yourself before paying for the purchase.

This scheme works at Macy's, although not all sellers talk about it. “Macy's rules that a 20% discount is available to either store credit card holders or to those who pay with gift cards. Therefore, you can buy a gift card and save money if you do not have a store card, ”says Marina (she asked not to give her last name), a Macy's seller.

Sites of other major retailers do not write about this opportunity.

However, there are several other options for saving with a gift card. First, certain discounts can be obtained by purchasing gift cards for almost all well-known stores, restaurants, etc. on sites such as or Secondly, Costco regularly sells gift cards to restaurants, gyms, spas, etc., which already have a good discount. For example, you buy a $ 100 restaurant gift card for $ 75 - you have already saved 25% of the amount.

  1. Discount for tourists

The bottom line: Some retailers give all tourists a 10% discount card.

For example, such discounts are offered by Macy's and Bloomingdale's. You just need to go to any seller or manager and say that you are a tourist and want to get your discount. Usually it is valid for a month. With it, at a minimum, the amount of tax that you have to pay, you will discourage.

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