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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Top-70 valuable sites for anyone who teaches English

Your + English


For everyone who is tired of the monotonous cramming and incomprehensible grammatical tasks, the AdMe portal has compiled a list of the best online resources that will help in learning English and a few others.

With them, a boring educational process turns into an exciting adventure. Choose which of them you like, and preferably several at once. Remember, the key to success in learning a language is consistency.

English from scratch

  • Duolingo - one of the most popular services for learning foreign languages ​​from scratch. The program of each course is built in the form of a "tree of achievements": to go to a new level, you need to score a certain number of points, which are given for the correct answers.
  • Polyglot. English for 16 hours - The author of the course proved that it takes only a few days to learn how to simply understand people and be understood.

Language social networks

  • Interpals - penpals. A huge international community, built on the principle of Facebook or any other social network, but with an emphasis on learning the language.
  • Englishbaby - A social network with ready English lessons. There are several ways to learn the language: communicate with users in a chat, on a forum or in personal messages, solve grammatical riddles and listen to audio recordings.
  • Lang-8 - Service for working on a written speech for those who have already mastered the basics of language practice. The user writes the text in the target language, after which the speaker of the corresponding language is taken for verification of the written language and makes his own edits.
  • - A social network that can help in learning any foreign language. It is especially suitable for those who are already well versed in the language and want to practice.
  • Mylanguageexchange - social network, fully working on human resources. Here you can choose your ideal language partner: indicate your native language, country and approximate age of your desired partner.
  • Italki - a network that turns any media into a serious teacher. It is possible to give professional lessons to those who want to, by listing them in the schedule and contacting them at a certain time.
  • - online community for learners of foreign languages. Each member of the community is both a student and a teacher who helps them learn their native language.
  • Lingq - here are classes for vocabulary expansion and thematic lessons. For a fee, you can receive additional lessons.

YouTube channels in Russian

  • Puzzle English - A lot of video tutorials on various topics: analysis of grammar, secrets and tips for learning the language, interesting expressions from the series, pronunciation and much more.
  • Albert kakhnovskiy - Study English for the famous Raymond Murphy.
  • English as per notes - pretty fun and entertaining channel. Learn English through music, games, movies, and humor.
  • Channel Irina Shipilova - Considers many grammatical aspects. Many lessons on listening.
  • English at Jobs School - educational channel about learning English, fun and effective.
  • Oxana dolinka - the study of living modern English. Many materials for beginners.

YouTube channels in English

  • Twominute English - short two-minute lessons - convenient and effective. You can download to your smartphone and watch along the way.
  • MinooAngloLink - Many useful grammatical lessons.
  • Dailydictation American English with short dictations and parsing.
  • Duncaninchina short videos about everything in English.
  • EnglishLessons4Uhuge archive of video tutorials on various topics.
  • Learn English with Ronnie - most videos are about grammar. The explanation is quite understandable, cheerfully and with humor.
  • English with Jennifer - Here you will find tips on how to improve pronunciation, learn grammar and more. Useful for both students and teachers.
  • Rachel's English - The channel will be especially useful to those who have difficulty with pronunciation.
  • Anglo-Link - The variety of material is impressive. Most lessons are grammar related.
  • EnglishClass101 - about simple things in English. The channel is for those who are more or less versed in grammar, but have problems communicating.
  • BBC Learning Inglés - A large number of interesting and informative videos on many topics.
  • Learn English with Steve Ford - The author is a professional English teacher with twenty years of experience. Useful material here will find both beginners and advanced students.
  • AlexESLvid's Free English Lessons - a popular channel with interesting podcasts and almost daily updates.
  • Learn English with Let's Talk - good lessons on a variety of topics based on modern principles of learning.
  • Engvid - An extensive selection of free video lessons from native English speakers.

Interactive Services

  • LearnEnglish - a site with a lot of materials for different levels of study and with different formats - from lessons and videos to games and communication with other users.
  • Situational English - offers to learn English through playing situations and memorizing various expressions. About 150 articles collected.
  • LinguaLeo - the service is built according to the game method. Contains an extensive database of video, audio and text materials.
  • - a fairly advanced site with lessons, articles and videos. Before you start learning, select the "Russian language" on the main page.
  • - A good resource from California. His main task is to teach English as a second language. Ability to download and work with a huge number of podcasts with printouts and dictionaries.
  • Learn American English online - A great resource for learners of English. All the material presented is distributed in levels. Paul from the USA explains the grammar in his videos.
  • Learnathome - Every day a lesson plan is formed for you, which can be completed in 30 minutes. Everything is quite simple.
  • English-attack - A new approach to learning English. The training method is based on the use of videos, photos, games and chatting with friends for the daily practice of English.
  • Edu-station - the ability to work with an interactive dictionary, there are numerous articles, photos and videos.

Language Learning with Movies

  • - movies and TV shows with built-in translator. A real find for film fans learning English.
  • Film-english - learning the language with shorts. The site has a variety of films: about the fun holidays in Barcelona, ​​and about the problems of English agriculture.

Speaking and listening comprehension

  • inSpeak - an interactive course for self-study. Training of colloquial speech, the study of grammar with many examples.
  • BBC Russian Learning English - Learn modern living language with the help of the BBC Russian Service with assignments in Russian.
  • - collected podcasts from around the world on a variety of topics. Lively language with printouts and explanations (all in English). You can compare the pronunciation from Canada, England, Australia, etc.
  • TuneintoEnglish - the site offers tune in to English and do it with the help of music. Here you can record the lyrics under the dictation, sing karaoke, find exercises to the texts and guess which song is being talked about using diagrams.

Expansion of vocabulary

  • FreeRice - simulator to replenish the vocabulary of English. There are grammar exercises and tests in various subjects.
  • Memrise - in the course of training, the user is offered to choose a mem picture or a record for better memorization of a word - or to create an associative image. Then you need to perform exercises to choose the correct answer and the perception of the word by ear.
  • Babbel - Visual dictionary, divided by thematic lessons. The system offers you to replenish vocabulary right away in 3 ways: by repeating words after a speaker on a dictaphone, writing them down using the suggested letters and reproducing them in a suitable context.
  • - You can significantly replenish vocabulary. The study takes place in the process of reading texts - either those offered on the site, or their own, which are quite easy to upload to the site.
  • Amalgama-lab - we study English with the help of lyrics.
  • WordSteps - You can significantly replenish vocabulary by performing exercises to practice reading, writing, listening and applying words in context.

Reading in English

  • Babeleo - here you can read books in the original, professional literary translation of the text is always before your eyes.


  • Daily-english-activities - reading this blog, you can learn about the most different ways of daily practice of English.
  • Polyglothub - A blog in English, where users share their language learning experience.

Grammar and spelling practice

  • Myspelling - Excellent spelling practice in English. You are offered to listen to the word, then write it.
  • - site of the British Council. Tests, grammar, games and more. Everything is in English, so for beginners it will be difficult to navigate, but it's worth a try.
  • Engblog - a site in Russian with articles, grammar.
  • with the BBC - video for practicing pronunciation and grammar.

Test preparation

  • Manythings - here you can easily prepare for language tests. There are sections on practicing pronunciation (American, English), idioms, slang, and more.
  • ExamEnglish - This is a real treasure for those who need to prepare for the international exam in English (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.).


  • HelloTalk - just choose the language you want to learn (more 100 languages ​​are available) and immediately get acquainted with the speakers of this language.
  • Easyten - an application with which you can quietly learn 10 new words per day.
  • ListeningDrill - the program allows you to download videos from and view with subtitles simultaneously in two languages.
  • Learn English by Listening - an excellent audio course for beginners, available online in the form of audio files and separately - in the form of scripts for them. Suggested for listening to stories in English. Contains 6 levels of difficulty.

English language selections

  • Begin-English - is a collection of materials in English for beginners. Documents and programs were collected by undergraduate and graduate students of Moscow State University.
  • List-English - A careful selection and classification of materials for the study of English: online dictionaries, schools, forums, translators, tutors, tests, school textbooks, video courses, games, YouTube channels, podcasts and more. Everything is free.
  • - A sea of ​​textbooks and books for download. The search engine works well. You can find almost everything.
  • - an online portal for learning languages, including English. Video lessons, exercises, online language learning system, a forum for language lovers.

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