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Top 7 new movies you can watch in the US with an eTVnet subscription

The village of Prestige is a place for the elite. Officials, top managers, opera divas with their families and servants live here. The usual existence of the village is interrupted by the murder of the nanny of the Filimonov family. This makes neighbors look at each other with suspicion and wonder: are those to whom they entrust the most precious thing - their children - really so blameless? During the investigation, which is begun by the “queen of the local police” Elizaveta Egorovna, it becomes clear that absolutely every inhabitant of Prestige has their own secrets and motives for murder. You will find out who is to blame for the death of the nanny when you watch the series “Prestige” in the START online cinema with a subscription to eTVnet.

Photo: eTVnet

Subscription to interactive TV eTVnet - this is:

  • the latest films and television;
  • popular TV series;
  • box office blockbusters;
  • iconic film premieres;
  • 200 channels live and recorded in 2 weeks;
  • the entire video library of the START online cinema;
  • comedies, action films, melodramas, documentaries, concerts, humor and sports broadcasts.

С eTVnet you have an unlimited choice of films and programs in any genre, as well as films and programs from the archive at any time and without advertising.

Already subscribed to eTVnet? Play the latest news right now online cinema START.

"Large childhood"

Photo: eTVnet

The Gerasimov family is large and friendly. Pavel is an architect, father of five children, dreams of a sixth. The only thing that interferes with happiness is the cramped Moscow apartment in which the family lives. Inspired by this pain, Pavel is developing a residential complex for large families. Developer Lev Borisovich likes the idea of ​​the Kovcheg residential complex, but only as a way to attract attention to the project in order to later make money from investors. This puts Pavel in front of a difficult dilemma: to increase his living space by deceiving poor fellows like him, or to come into conflict with a very serious person. His family understands that they are not capable of bargaining with their conscience, so they sell the apartment and leave the city. She settles in the old house where Pavel’s ancestors lived and decides to build her own “Ark” with her own hands. This choice turns the lives of these people into a real adventure. It reveals the power of a large, friendly family and each of its members individually.


Photo: eTVnet

They had been waiting for this for so long, and the happy moment had arrived: the table was set, the wine was bought, the whole evening was just the two of them. But a sudden ringing of the doorbell ruins all the lovers’ plans. How to explain everything to your husband? There is no point in making excuses. It's good that there is something more important than love.


Photo: eTVnet

To fulfill his father's last wish, the Cossack Alekha goes to a foreign land to venerate the Virgin Mary. Alekha's path lies through the palace of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, where he is captured and becomes the Janissary Ali. But no fortresses can hold a free Cossack. Alekha does not lose hope of finding freedom, fulfilling his father’s will, meeting his love and returning to his homeland.


Photo: eTVnet

Anya remains under the supervision of her neighbor, the punk Arseny, with whom she has long been in love. She spends the day in Arseny's youth company "Avako" trying to attract his attention and not yet suspecting that they may never see each other again.

"Back to back. Songs"

Photo: eTVnet

Educational songs for the little ones. A musical collection of instructive and funny stories from the life of three backpacks - Ryuk, Boti and Moli.


Photo: eTVnet

Eleven-year-old Polina is looking forward to the appearance of comet 46P and wants to make a wish: she dreams of her parents being together again.

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