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Top 6 medical courses, after which you can work anywhere in the USA

Companies in the USA, especially in the IT industry and medicine, have long moved away from the cult of higher education and are hiring specialists with the skills they need from the courses. In most cases, such a specialist must have a certificate confirming his qualifications. Many of them are valid only in the territory of the state where they were obtained, but there are also those that allow you to work throughout the United States. And they are especially valuable because they make it possible to travel around the country and choose the best job offers or cities with low housing prices.

Photo: Concord Rusam

New york school Private Career School Concord rusam offers different courses in the medical professions with a narrow specialization. Most of them provide for obtaining national certificates, that is, after training, you can choose any place of work and life where it is most comfortable. At the same time, you do not have to re-prove your knowledge and skills just because you have moved.

Six courses Concord rusam, after which you can get a national certificate and work in any state of America

Blood sampling specialist (Phlebotomy technician)

You can become a blood donor in the United States in just a few weeks. Theoretical classes are held in a lecture class, and in an equipped laboratory, students acquire practical skills: master the technique of blood collection, storage and transportation of samples, study the labeling of test tubes. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a school certificate and also take a national exam. This received national certificate gives the right to work in any state.

US blood donor salaries reach 42 thousand dollars a year.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (Electrocardiography Technician)

In this course, students are taught how to work with machines for taking an electrocardiogram (ECG), the technique of taking an ECG, the ability to read test results, and see heart pathologies. Course duration - total 52 hours of classroom and clinical training.

Upon completion of this course, Concord Rusam graduates receive a certificate Electrocardiography Technician, they can start working anywhere in the United States and receive about $ 50 thousand per year.

Receptionist (Clinical Medical Assistant)

This program takes six months and includes courses Electrocardiography Technician и Phlebotomy technicianas well as practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant requires knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. School Concord rusam teaches all this, as well as the basics of diagnostics and analysis.

Since the teaching at the school fully complies with American standards, and the programs are approved by the Department of Education, graduates of Concord Rusam can work in the medical field in any state of America immediately after passing the national exam. Clinical Medical Assistant salary in USA is around $ 40 thousand per year.

Photo: Concord Rusam

Patient Care Specialist (Patient Care Technician)

This extensive course includes programs Phlebotomy technician, Electrocardiography Technician и Certified Nurse Aide... Upon completion of these three programs, students receive a separate certificate in each specialty and a General Certificate in Patient Care Specialist (PCT), which significantly expands their employment opportunities. Despite such a wide range of knowledge provided, the course lasts only a few months, and as a result allows you to earn more from the start $ 40 thousand per year.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

This profession is in great demand in the United States, since the provision of almost any medical service involves a relationship with insurance companies. It is the Medical Billing and Coding specialist (or biller).

Biller course in Concord rusam lasts 4 months. During this time, students master the types of insurance, special coding of various medical services and the maintenance of professional medical records, as well as practice directly in the Medical Billing and Coding office.

Billers' salaries in America reach $ 60 thousand per year, and the certificate that can be obtained after completing the course in Concord rusam, allows you to work in any region of the United States.

Photo: Concord Rusam

Pharmacist Assistant (Pharmacy Technician)

Sex Pharmacy Technician in the USA at school Concord rusam can in 96 hours... Classes are conducted by highly professional teachers with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. The program introduces students to medicines, the rules for calculating dosages of various drugs, inventory, account management, medical prescriptions, and laws in the pharmaceutical industry. The exam for the certificate of assistant pharmacist takes place right at the school premises.

Earnings Pharmacy Technician in the USA exceeds $ 40 thousand per year.

School Concord rusam Only for a few months will make you a medical specialist with a narrow profile with a certificate that allows you to work in any state of America. In addition, the school's specialists will help you write a resume, prepare for an interview, and even find a job. School graduates working in hospitals and offices report job openings and recommend those who have successfully completed their studies at Concord Rusam. In addition, many medical offices have already appreciated the high level of training and knowledge of Concord Rusam graduates, and if a vacancy is opened, they immediately turn to this school in search of new employees.

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Private Career School Concord Rusam

Address: 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212-619-2260


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