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Top 5 tips how not to spoil a trip to New York

New York, as you know, never sleeps, so there is no dead season here: there is always something happening in the city.

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According to Obozrevatel, climate is another matter: in the summer months the temperature here rises to + 38 ° C, and in winter it can drop to -18 ° C, so in August they faint from the heat, and in January it sometimes freezes to the bone.

Therefore, from the point of view of walks, the best time to travel is autumn: from October to early December, moderately warm sunny weather sets here.

When buying a ticket, you will need to specify the visa number and the address where you are going to spend the first night in the US, so be sure to find out your ZIP code in advance (ZIP code), as American airlines often organize additional security checks.

New York has accommodations for all tastes, from a tiny rock musician's studio in the East Village to a skyscraper rooftop apartment overlooking Central Park. The easiest way to book hotels is on large websites - aggregators allow you to compare prices offered by different services.

Dressing in New York is necessary in layers, because in the summer it can be hot outside, in the winter it is cold, and air conditioning is always on the premises and in the transport. In winter and until April, blizzards are likely, in spring and summer - torrential rains. Do not forget to check that your chargers are designed for US voltage (110 V), and if not, grab the adapter.

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