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Top 20 free mobile applications for learning English

Often the desire to tighten up English rests on the lack of time and energy for learning. You have to force yourself to read literature, memorize rules and repeat something daily. If the result of all these actions is not at all happy, then perhaps you just chose the wrong approach, writes Life hacker.

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Check out the new mobile apps that can make the learning process interesting and truly exciting. Some of them will help in memorizing words and phrases, others will allow you to overcome the most complex rules, and others will change your attitude to listening. The main thing is to choose for yourself those programs that are given the easiest way and cause only positive emotions.

10 free Android applications

1. Simpler

This application will help decompose English into atoms and make it as simple as possible to understand. Each lesson includes three stages: memorization of words, their verification using the example of short sentences and a simulator with different tasks for using these words. Tasks can be either simple - with an elementary arrangement of the members of a sentence, or complex, where you yourself should write a phrase in English. All answers and designs for memorization are voiced.

Simpler also allows you to save and memorize complex words, which will be complemented by illustrations or text associations. The aid also includes a listening section, where you need to perceive phrases by ear and even respond to them.

All this is presented in a very simple and understandable form with a user-friendly interface. I would like to praise this application for encouraging users: those who will perform daily lessons during the month will receive the entire course absolutely free.

2. Enguru: Spoken English App

In this application, the main focus is on conversational English, which will help you to pass an interview in a foreign company or simply conduct business correspondence with colleagues from abroad. However, in fact, the subject of lessons goes far beyond the limits of working specifics. Enguru addresses the issues of communication with friends, the field of travel, recreation and many domestic topics. In each section, you are waiting for the words to memorize and useful examples of their use.

The difference between Enguru and many analogs lies in the game mode of knowledge testing and in a large number of types of tasks, tailored specifically for you and your knowledge. During the training, statistics are kept showing your strengths and weaknesses. The application works completely offline and does not require a connection to the network.

3. Drops

The main goal of this application is to interest you in learning a language. All words and phrases in it are given with miniature images with which their meanings must be combined. This is done by simple clicks and swipes. In some cases, you need to build a clear sequence, in others - to restore order in the set of words, connecting them in lines with meaning. Such simple game elements together with original illustrations turn the learning process into a solution to simple puzzles.

An interesting feature of Drops is a five-minute access to learning words every day. Such a restriction can be removed by purchasing the full version, but in fact, when breaking down the study into short periods of time, the whole process does not become tedious and stressful. In this mode, you will always remember that you only need five minutes today, five minutes tomorrow and five minutes on any other day.

4. Wordreal

Here, on the contrary, there is no playing moment in the study — only repetition, listening, and interval training. The application offers to memorize a certain number of words every day, and the most difficult to disassemble almost by letter. The daily norm ranges from 4 to 20 words; in the settings, this parameter can be changed at any time. There is also an option to remind you to repeat.

The interface of Wordreal is as simple and clear as possible. In the process of learning, all you need to do is to select the source words and indicate your level. For beginners, very far from the English language, suitable initial, and with a baggage of knowledge from the curriculum is quite possible to move on to the secondary. All words are spoken by a male or female voice to choose from, but illustrations for activating visual memory are not provided.

5. Visual vocabulary

The authors of this service have focused on the method of visual memory, in which each word to be memorized is complemented by a high-quality image. All in all, the arsenal of the program over 3 000 words, which are divided into dozens of different categories and subcategories. For convenience, there are special flash cards and listening.

The application works without access to the Web - you can memorize words anywhere and anytime. Grammar and any rules are practically not given here, which for many would be even a plus. Visual Vocabulary is perfect for those who need only vocabulary and pronunciation.

6. EWA

English Words Ambassador offers to combine learning English with entertainment, namely, watching your favorite movies and TV shows. It is made as simple and convenient as possible. You only need to select the desired movie or series of the series in the list, and the words from the original audio track will be added to the list for study. Similarly, with books that can be read in the original can be directly in the application.

The films and series themselves in EWA, of course, are not available. You will have to search the web yourself. Nevertheless, English Words Ambassador is a unique application of its kind. The developers are trying to constantly replenish its database with fresh dictionaries from movies and maintain the interest of users.

7. Sword

This is another assistant in the study of words. Vocabulary vocabulary in it offers dozens of subject lists, each of which has hundreds of different words to memorize. In addition to the standard sections, such as "Work", "Education", "Relationships" and others, there are subsections with words appearing in kononovinoki. For example, more than 80 words from the “Last Jedi” and about a hundred from “Very strange cases” were added recently.

The application is suitable for both adults and children. For the little ones, there is a special section with the basics: animals, numbers, family, and so on. All words and phrasal verbs, and there are also a lot of them here, are complemented by visual images. Works Aword without connecting to the network.

8. Lingvist

The basis of this application is a mathematical approach to adjust to the existing knowledge of the user. Lingvist according to your answers to the tasks itself determines what and in what sequence you need to study. This applies to both simple words and grammar. The application offers a variety of tasks - from writing a phrase to inserting words within the meaning of the finished text.

Lingvist has a useful listening section with questions after listening and a separate section of dialogs where you need to pronounce the phrases displayed on the screen. In all tasks you will find only statistically significant words that are used in everyday speech or business environment. In the process of learning statistics is maintained, showing how many words you already know.

9. English 4 You

This is a completely free application that contains three main sections. The first will allow you to learn a few hundred useful words, the second will help you master the tenses, and the third will show you how to use irregular verbs with concrete examples. All lexical constructions are spoken to make them easier to perceive by ear.

The so-called training camp in the application will teach you how to make sentences, and the “English Marathon” will allow you to evaluate your knowledge in a comprehensive test. Also available to users of the game in the association, where you need to build links between words in Russian and English.

10 Emister

All the lessons in this unusual application are presented as levels on various maps. The basic course, available for free, offers 128 lessons and more 700 words to learn. The test of knowledge takes place both in the form of listening, and through the choice of the correct answer. By design, the application is more like a mobile game, where a boss is about to appear.

In addition to the original interface, Emister is different from other applications in online tournaments with other players. In competitive mode, you and three other users need to quickly answer questions, indicating the correct meaning of words and composing phrases. The fastest and most accurate player will move up the global standings of all users of the application. Often it is just such a competitive method of teaching that brings much more benefit than the usual memorizing and checking with cards.

10 free iOS apps

1. Wlingua

This application is a real storehouse of knowledge. It is suitable for beginners and for those who continue to learn the language. When you first start you can take a test that will determine which lesson you should start with and which rules should be fixed. It is possible to choose British or American English.

In total, Wlingua contains about 600 lessons on specific parts of speech, turns, complex rules, and so on. All words for memorization will be supplemented with visual images and pronounced so that you remember the correct pronunciation. Visual grammar reference book and reading materials are also provided, by the example of which the statement of words in a sentence can be analyzed.

2. Hot8

This application is suitable for those who can devote to learning English all 10 – 15 minutes a day. There are no grammar and irregular verbs in it, but vocabulary to memorize abound. Every day you will be able to learn eight new words and, of course, repeat already known ones.

The base of words will be formed taking into account your level of language proficiency and selected topics: work, cinema, music, school, family, friendship, theater and much more. All words and phrases are voiced by native speakers. You can choose both female and male voice.

For some time you can use the application for free, but then you will need a subscription - it is worth considering.

3. Phrasal Verbs for Life & Exams

With this program it is possible to tighten up the spoken English well, since it explains precisely the phrasal verbs. Examples of their use are considered in the context of simple situations in which each user can fall. Test items do not cover more complex rules, focusing only on the passed materials.

Most of the tasks will require you to choose the right answer or to match words and phrases with their meanings. Unfortunately, the functionality of the free version of the application is limited only by the first level of training, consisting of eight lessons and a few verification tests. They will be quite enough to understand whether the purchase is worth the full version.

4. LingQ

This application will be very useful for those who want to quickly learn to read, perceive by ear and translate texts in English. It presents thousands of different materials with the analysis of vocabulary and voice acting. Each word in them can be distinguished as familiar or unknown for memorization. Clicking on it, in addition to demonstrating the translation and alternative value, allows you to go to more complete information in Yandex.Translate.

Those materials that are hard to perceive by ear can be added to your own playlist with the ability to quickly go and rewind as needed. There is also a detailed statistics showing the number of words read, watched hours and the material learned.

5. SnakeLang

As the name suggests, this service will offer to learn new words in a playful way. As you progress through the tests, you will move the snake forward from word to word. It is important to be responsible for the time allotted in order to get as many points as possible. Successful completion of such tasks will allow you to switch to new dictionaries for free.

Prior to the verification test, you will be asked to choose a subject and familiarize yourself with all the words. There is voice acting, statistics on classes and even a transcription with examples from Twitter. Also, the application has a simple and intuitive interface, not burdened with redundant information.

6. Nemo

If you are used to perceive the new material exactly at the hearing, then Nemo is what you need. This application will help you to memorize the most commonly used English words and phrases that are spoken by a native speaker.

When you first set up Nemo, you only need to select a theme or designate a base of words to memorize. You can listen to them even when the display is turned off, like music in the player, and for this you do not need to connect to the Web. You can practice your own pronunciation through the built-in audio recording function. The application is adapted for iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch.

7. HiNative

This application will suit the most sociable, those who like to communicate, ask questions and get answers to them. Here, within a single community, you can correspond with native speakers and share recorded audio files, honing your pronunciation.

In addition, HiNative will be useful when traveling to other countries, whether it is a vacation or business trip. Directly through the app, you can contact native speakers in a particular country and get useful tips and instructions from them. However, it should be understood that for the comfortable use of the service of knowledge of the initial level will not be enough, we need a confident average level. In addition, many HiNative features are only available when purchasing a subscription.

8. Sword

A simple to use and very handy application with a lot of flashcards for memorizing words. All of them are voiced and supplemented with illustrative illustrations. Special algorithms based on the Hermann Ebbinghaus forgetting curve will constantly suggest words and phrases that you had difficulties with. Aword will find the approach to any user, regardless of the baggage of knowledge.

Sections with words for memorization are constantly replenished and updated. Periodically, there are topics on the topic of the day or dictionaries from movies. There are also sections for training the smallest users of iOS.

9. Lingvist

This service will not only introduce a lot of new words, but also help with grammar. All materials are selected taking into account the knowledge of a particular user, which will be revealed after passing the test. If you make mistakes when placing words in a sentence, Lingvist will focus on those lessons. Similarly with any other sections.

The application provides and listening, allowing you to put the correct pronunciation and just overcome the fear of speaking in English. All learned words and fixed topics are recorded in the statistics of the application, which will show how ready you are to read and understand texts.

10 Drops

This application differs from the analogs in a very pleasant interface with funny animation, as well as an easy approach to learning a language. From the user, it requires only clicks and swipes. These simple actions combine the meanings of words and insert the missing phrases into sentences.

Every day access to Drops is just 5 minutes. However, the tasks are arranged in such a way that the allotted time should be enough to quickly repeat the old words and learn a few new ones. If you wish, you can, of course, remove the restriction by purchasing a subscription.

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