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Top 12 American cities to visit in winter

Since the temperature outside drops below zero, the cold season can easily be called the gloomiest season. But some of our favorite cities get even better in winter. Think fewer people, lower hotel prices, and scenery from a snowy wonderland to a beachfront oasis. From Kansas City to New Orleans - 12 cities that, according to CN TravelerBetter to visit in winter.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The valley in the Teton Ring is known for its 3000 acres of accessible terrain and some of the most challenging mountain slopes in all of North America. Gorgeous here and equally breathtaking landscapes. Even if the vertical slopes are not to your liking, then the city offers a lot of activities for ski lovers, with upscale vintage shops and restaurants. Stop by the Persephone Bakery for Instagram-worthy quinoa bowls, or the Anvil Hotel for a pair of buckskin gloves.

New Orleans, LA

It's kind of a given: the peak time to visit New Orleans is winter. November, December and January are especially good for visiting. You'll want to take a walk, especially along Frenchman Street, where you can pop into the bars and see some of the city's best jazz bands. Since this is a quiet time of year for New Orleans, take a moment and book tables at all of its top restaurants.


The gray skies and snow look especially good against the city's white monuments, and the mall's large walkways make it easy to get together and take a cultural trip together. In winter, ice rinks appear around the city, one of which is located on the waterfront of Georgetown, and the other is on the roof of the Watergate Hotel. In January, there are special events dedicated to the birthday of Martin Luther King.

Miami, FL

Miami is truly one of those cities that you can visit all year round. Fantastic beaches, restaurants, amazing new areas - you can't get bored here.

Park City Utah

There's a reason why Park City is one of the favorite cities in the US. This former Olympic city, along with neighboring Tony Valley, is undeniably one of the best winter sports destinations in the country with ample opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and dog sledding.

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Charleston, South Carolina

Almost everyone enjoys Charleston during the winter months. The weather here is much milder. Take the opportunity to visit some of the most popular attractions such as Angel Oak Tree and McLeod Plantation.

Telluride, Colorado

There is a reason why Telluride is still called the best ski town in the United States. Telluride has a whopping 148 runs of varying lengths and complexity, and also offers winter sports.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is sunny and warm most of the year, but New Mexico's capital city gets its fair share of winter weather in the form of snow, which looks especially beautiful against the backdrop of adobe and rock formations. Plaza City is a special wonderland, with twinkling lights on every tree. And don't forget the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, which is worth a visit at any time of the year. Winter sports enthusiasts can make this unusual city their base for skiing and snowboarding. Taos Ski Valley and Ski Santa Fe are within easy driving distance.

Kauai, Hawaii

It's not technically a city, but it's easy to justify visiting in winter. Long-awaited Southwest flights connecting the US mainland with the Hawaiian Islands expanded in January 2020 with routes from Oakland and San Jose to Lihue, Kauai. There is a lot of variety in the main lands of the Hawaiian Islands, but Kauai's appeal lies in the open air. Explore Waimea Canyon, amazing cliffs and Wailua Falls, don't miss Ke'e Beach at Ha'ena Park on the north shore.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has near-perfect weather all year round, but those blue skies seem even bluer when the rest of the country clears the snow. From December to March, temperatures in Los Angeles range from 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit (10-21 C). Head to the revitalized city center to the Broad Museum and then grab a bite to eat at the historic Grand Central Market. Some of the city's finest architecture, including the Bradbury Building and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, are only a few blocks away.

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Aspen, Colorado

The resort town of Colorado, located at the intersection of mountains and water, is an ideal place to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit, especially in winter.

Kansas City, MO

If you want to know what the notorious winters in the Midwest are like, then Kansas City is a delightful place for just such a vacation.

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