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Top 11 most beautiful bodies of water in Florida for kayaking and beach holidays

Along with 700 magnificent springs for visitors to swim, dive or splash in, Florida boasts the largest collection of freshwater springs on Earth. They are all crystal clear and stay fresh. throughout the year, so choosing which Florida springs to visit can be a daunting task, but the edition Travel and Leisure selected a few favorites for you.

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Ginny Springs

The water in Ginny Springs is one of the purest of all natural springs in Florida. Located two hours from major transportation hubs like Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee, it's off the beaten track but easy to get to.

While there, you can simply swim or enjoy diving, as well as go kayaking or canoeing.

Since Ginny Springs is a private park, there is an entrance fee. However, take care to leave your furry friends at home, as the park has a strict no-pets policy.

Rainbow Springs

To the north of the small town of Dunnellon lies Rainbow Springs. A thousand-year history “lives” here and there are even several waterfalls. Canoe and kayak rentals are available, but visitors can also enjoy rowing, swimming, or simply walking along the trails.

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Although Rainbow Springs, often considered the most beautiful of Florida's springs, was once used by the indigenous people for transportation. In the recent past, it has been the home of mining operations and a private tourist attraction.

Madison Blue Springs

Madison Blue Springs, located near the Florida-Georgia border, is on the west bank of the Whitlacoochee River and is home to one of 33 first magnitude springs in Florida. The size of the source is determined by the volume of flow per unit of time, that is, sources of the first magnitude emit at least 65 million gallons of water per day. With underwater caves, sapphire waters and dense forests all around, this is a paradise for swimmers and scuba divers.

Devil's Lair in Prehistoric Springs

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The Devil's Lair is an underground spring inside a dry cave formed by a karst window. This means that the ground above the underground river collapsed, revealing water to the world above.

Located near the town of Williston, the Devil's Lair is quite a remote place in Florida, but it's more than worth a visit, especially for divers and snorkellers. Not only is this one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world, it is also shrouded in ancient history, many fossils of extinct animals have been found here.

Various facilities are available on site, including equipment rental for those who want to explore the underwater world.

Wekiwa Springs

About 20 minutes north of Orlando, Wekiwa Springs Park is convenient for any Florida vacation. The park offers many adventures - horseback riding, biking, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and more.

This attraction has been here longer than its famous neighbors. It was discovered in the 1860s, and by the 1890s, Wekiwa Springs had a complex of hotels and bathhouses to accommodate visitors, making it one of the first tourist attractions in central Florida.

Three Sisters Springs

Head to Crystal River on the West Coast of Florida to experience one of Florida's most precious gems. Accessible by private boat or kayak in Kings Bay, Three Sisters Springs is a bit like entering another world.

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Book a Get Up And Go Kayaking Crystal River tour for an unforgettable kayak adventure through the springs. You will be amazed at how much you can see through clear water. Travel during manatee season (November to March) to get up close and personal with Florida's beloved gentle giants.

Ichetuckney Springs

Located in a park in northern Florida, Ichetucknee Springs is surrounded by eight large springs that join together to form the six-mile (9,6 km) Ichetucknee River. Visitors can kayak or swim lazily under the lush tree canopy, snorkel or follow wildlife such as beavers, otters and wild turkeys.

Wakulla Springs

Photo: Shutterstock

The Florida Panhandle is where you'll find one of the most scenic beaches in the state, but step back from the crowds a bit and discover another wonder: Wakulla Springs is the world's largest and deepest freshwater spring.

The charm of this place is added by the fact that the springs are surrounded by an ancient cypress swamp and contain hundreds of years of history. Even Hollywood filmmakers found Wakulla Springs worthy of prime time: Tarzan's Secret Treasure (1941) and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) were filmed here. Today, visitors can swim, dive, boat, and jump into the water from the platform.

Wicky Watche Springs

All of Florida's springs are home to a variety of wildlife, but Wicky Watch Springs is undeniably home to mermaids. An icon of Old Florida, Weekie Watch Springs is a natural tourist attraction where visitors can see an underwater mermaid show, go kayaking, and even swim in the deep blue waters.

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Weeki Wachee means "small spring" or "winding river" and the bottom of the spring has never been found - indeed, it is one of the deepest natural underwater caves in the country.

Ocala National Forest Springs

Located right in the center of the state, Ocala is home to four major springs that rank among the most popular in Florida: Juniper, Alexander, Silver Glen and Salt Springs.

Each of them will delight your eye with the breathtaking blues and greens that Florida springs are famous for.

Gilchrist Blue Springs

Gilchrist Blue Springs only became a park in 2017, making it Florida's 175th park and the newest so far. It has six natural springs, the most famous of which is Gilchrist Blue.

Gilchrist Blue produces about 44 million gallons of water a day and has exceptional water clarity, so it's no surprise that rowing, diving, and swimming are the top draws here.

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