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Top 10 Ways to Save $ 5 Every Day

“It only costs a couple of dollars, I won’t be poor,” we often tell ourselves, justifying ourselves for another small purchase. Meanwhile, every dollar saved, economists say, grows into a fortune over time. For example, you spend $5 every day, and in a year you already accumulate $1825. The figure is more than impressive. You could spend this money, for example, on travel or paying off a loan.

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Edition Go Banking Rates interrogated economists and made a rating of expenses which imperceptibly gnaw through a huge hole in the budget.

Have breakfast at home

The easiest way to save. On average, the largest fast food chains offer morning portions for just about $ 5. You can cut your expenses and make the same sandwiches or pancakes at home.

Take coffee from home

You can enjoy this drink still at home, along with breakfast. Or take with you and cheer up on your way to work. In any case, you will avoid the need to spend an extra two or three dollars.

Use discount cards

It really helps to save. Find suitable offers at, and For example, a gift card in CVS with a face value of $ 45 on Giftcard Zen website is sold for $ 39.70. More $ 5 savings!

Buy products in bulk

Large packages of products with a long shelf life usually cost less - sometimes by 50-80%. Plus, by purchasing groceries in advance, you can intelligently plan your dinner for each day. And this will also reduce costs.

Save electricity

Economists say you can save $ 2,5 per day if you turn off all appliances that you are not using at the moment. Simply flip the switch or unplug the power cord. For the year this way you can save $ 900.

Attend free entertainment or use discounts.

On average, a family spends about $ 2500 on entertainment each year. It turns out about $ 7 per day. Meanwhile, there are plenty of ways to attend entertainment and save. For example, instead of an amusement park, go to a regular park; many museums offer free visits on certain days.

Do not buy bottled water

On average, one bottle of water costs about one and a half dollars. During the day for the family, this translates into at least $ 5.

Do not pay commission for using an ATM

Try to withdraw cash from your bank’s “native” machine. The commission in different financial organizations is $3-7.

Refuse cable tv

Leichtman Research Group estimates that the average cable TV bill is about $107 per month, or $3,43 per day. At the same time, today there are opportunities to find free programs and films - not on pirated sites, but on the official pages of broadcasting companies, many of them provide the opportunity to watch films and shows online.

Walk on foot

Public transport users spend, on average, about $ 5 for moving around the city, and owning a personal car with all the expenses already costs $ 23 per day.

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