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The most beautiful national parks of the United States

US national parks on the map are scattered throughout the country - from one ocean to another. From snowy mountain peaks to deep canyons, from calm lakes to turbulent rivers, from hot volcanoes to cold glaciers. We offer you the top ten most beautiful national parks of the United States.

  1. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

The very first national park in the United States was Yellowstone, founded by 1 March 1872 of the year.

Here is one of the largest alpine lakes in North America and one of the five existing geyser fields in the world. The volcano in the United States Yellowstone National Park, called the Caldera, is the largest super volcano on the continent.

He erupted several times already, so most of the park area is covered with frozen lava.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the oldest and largest parks in the country is the Grand Canyon National Park. The United States can be proud of it. Formed by the Colorado River, eroding the plateau for nearly 10 million years, the canyon continues to grow even now.

Its length is 446 km, the width in different places varies from 6 to 29 km, and the depth reaches 1800 meters. Be sure to admire the surrounding landscapes with a transparent observation deck hanging over the abyss Grand canyon skywalk.

3. Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

The park on the island of Hawaii has an area of ​​1348 square kilometers. On its territory there are active volcanoes Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The latter, incidentally, slowly and continuously erupts from 1983 year.

Other attractions in the park include lava caves and ancient petroglyphs, carved by Hawaiians on the lava surface, depicting animals, human figures and abstract forms.

4. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park is located on the southeast coast of Alaska, near the town of Juneau.

On the territory of more than 13 thousand square kilometers there are numerous glaciers, icebergs, snow-capped mountain peaks with forested slopes, deep fjords, rivers and lakes. Bears and deer live here, and whales can be seen near the shore.

5. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park is located on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

It is known for its landscapes: high cliffs, picturesque waterfalls and green groves. More than 160 species of rare plant species grow here, including huge sequoiadendrons, one of the tallest and most long-lived trees in the world.

Among the giants in the park are not only trees, but also waterfalls: Yosemite Falls is among the twenty highest in the world (its height is 739 m).

6. Acadia National Park, Maine

US National Parks in New England are represented by a single instance - Acadia Park.

It is located on islands near the Atlantic coast. Its total area is 191,8 square. km There are mountains, lakes and forests. Be sure to take a ride on the incredibly picturesque park road Park Loop, climbing up and going down, past mountains, sandy beaches and the unique Roaring Bay.

7. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The largest US national park area of ​​about 130 thousand hectares includes most of the mountain range of Teton and the northern part of the Jackson Hole Valley.

Its closest neighbor is Yellowstone National Park - the first national park in the United States. Together with him, they form the ecosystem of Big Yellowstone. The park has many lakes, the mountain Snake River with numerous streams, about a dozen glaciers and virtually untouched wildlife.

8. Arches National Park, Utah

The park near the town of Moab covers an area of ​​309 square kilometers. There are more than 2000 natural sandstone arches. The most famous of them - "Graceful arch", which is sometimes sometimes jokingly called "Cowboy pants."

Visit also the rocky labyrinth tower called the “Rock furnace” and the rounded arches. Window sectionwhich were filmed in the Steven Spielberg film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

9. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Park Badlands covers an area of ​​982 square kilometers. On its territory there are steep hills honed by erosion, and pointed peaks, and mountain peaks, and the largest prairie protected areas in the USA.

The park is also known for finding many extinct species of mammals, such as three-toed horses, camels about the size of a dog and saber-toothed tigers.

10. Chaco National Historical Park, New Mexico

The most famous national park of the United States among archaeologists - is undoubtedly Chaco Park, located between the cities of Albuquerque and Farmington in the eponymous canyon. Long before the beginning of our era, anasazi culture flourished here. They built unusual pueblos towers with spacious rooms inside, around which settlements were formed. One hypothesis says that such a building system has a sacred significance and marks the routes of the “astral journeys” of the shamans.

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