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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Top 10 gifts not worth buying for your child

Every year, about 149 thousands of children go to the hospital because of toys.

Many of these injuries are inevitable: children do stupid things with toys because they are children, but some toys are dangerous in and of themselves.

And according to the magazine Clinical Pediatrics, such toys every year becomes more and more. Over the past 20 years, the number of injuries suffered by children due to toys has increased by 40%.

Edition Vox compiled a list of 10 hazardous toys that were popular in 2015.

Pastry dough

This, of course, a dubious gift, but, nevertheless, what could be dangerous in the fake shit?

It turns out that the dough contains allergens, warnings about which are only on the outer packaging, which is most often discarded.

Velociraptor claws

This toy looks amazing, but alas, toy manufacturers did not worry that such a gift could harm the eyes or face of the child, and did not place the appropriate warning on the package.

Toy Medical Set

Buy this kit along with a piece of dough, and your children will be able to play a gastroenterologist. But the danger of such kits lies in the fact that children love to poke objects in the nose and mouth, conducting “medical” procedures, which can lead to blockage of the respiratory tract.

Foam Gun for darts

The problem of this toy is in its too realistic form. There have been cases when a child was mistakenly shot down by police officers who took the toy as a real gun.

Fast folding trampoline

This toy is fraught with the usual danger of jumping on a trampoline: injuries or falling, and the fact that the trampoline can, as promised in the title, quickly add up, holding the baby.

“Loud shot”

The instructions for this toy talk about the need to "warn everyone who is close to the immediate target of the shot."

This alone is enough to leave this toy on the store shelf.

Kick flipper


The warning on the packaging reads: "Do not use on stairs, hills or slopes." Good luck convincing your child to follow these guidelines.

Leonardo's electronic sword

Small children will undoubtedly enjoy the ninja battle using this hard plastic sword, but such weapons, as in real battles, can be injured.

Zebra on wheels

This toy looks innocent enough: a small bear sitting on a zebra, which has wheels instead of legs. What harm can such a toy do to a kid ?!

The problem with this zebra is the rope is too long, and if the baby plays with it in a small crib, it becomes dangerous.

Cute on wheels

This toy looks safer than the previous one, and the cord is short.

But 16 Jun 2015, a part of these toys It was withdrawn from sale due to the fact that they often fall off the wheels, which creates the threat of blocking the respiratory tract of the baby, who accurately pulls the fallen off wheel in his mouth.

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