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TOP-10 best US amusement parks with new attractions. A PHOTO

Фото: Depositphotos

This summer, in many American parks you can see new rides for thrill-seekers, writes

ForumDaily has compiled a list of the ten best parks this year.

1. Universal Studios Hollywood

This famous amusement park located in California. The so-called "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" appeared there this spring, which largely copies what can be seen at Disneyland in Orlando.

2. C

Amusement park located in the city of Sandusky (Ohio). This place is considered the capital of the roller coaster. This year, an attraction called Valravn appeared in the park. This is a train with eight seats. The speed on the roller coaster reaches 120 km / h. Another unforgettable attraction is called the Millennium Force. They accelerate to 150 km / h.

3. Lake compounce

Amusement park located in Bristol, Connecticut. Interestingly, this park was first opened in 1846. In 2016, the Phobia Phear Coster attraction appeared here, which is in incredible demand among tourists and residents of the United States.

4. Six Flags Great Adventure

Park is located in the city of Jackson (New Jersey). The new attraction The Joker will help you to be in zero gravity.

5. Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park California)

To ride on wooden rollercoaster, you need to get to Orange County (California). Many tourists have already loved trips on the new train made of wood.

6. Dollywood

Entertainment Complex located in Pigeon Forge (Tennessee). Most surprisingly, the roller coasters, which are located in this park, provide an opportunity not only to ride with the wind, but also to enjoy the beautiful nature.

7. Busch gardens

Top sights in the park Tampa (Florida) - this is the attraction "Cobra".

8. Kentucky Kingdom

Take a ride on the Storm Chase attraction, you will feel as if you jumped from a height of a 10-storey building. The park is located in the city of Louisville (Kentucky).

9. Playland's Castaway Cove

Everyone who loves a roller coaster, heading to the city of Ocean City (New Jersey). The attraction called Gale Force was the discovery of this year in local park.

10. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Many attractions of this Park have updated exactly this year. Therefore, we recommend that you drive into the city of Valencia (California) and enjoy the speed and virtual effects of this complex.

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