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Top 10 best cities to live in the world

Traditionally Best Cities has created the most comprehensive city ranking in the world based on location quality, reputation and competitiveness, as well as the impressions of people: talent, tourists and business leaders.

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1. London

This city ranks first for the sixth consecutive year. But in 2021, hard times await him. There are speculations about the impact of Brexit on London's welfare. The city ranks 5th in terms of the number of Global Fortune 500 companies, 29th in terms of GDP per capita and 52nd in terms of unemployment.

But the Gini coefficient (income equality) shows an alarming difference between rich and poor in a city: London is ranked 149th out of 263 cities. Could a Brexit deal be an opportunity to rectify the situation? Certainly, some of those who voted for the exit hope in vain that this is possible. But - in vain, because in September JPMorgan Chase & Co. was the last multinational corporation to ditch its UK office and move $ 230 billion from the UK to Frankfurt amid uncertainty over Brexit.

But London is still London, and the pandemic has made us appreciate other aspects of city life - important things like the cool, breathable air and its green open landscape. London is ranked 16th for quality outdoor entertainment. The city is famous for its impressive parks, which are the legacy of dozens of former country estates that have served as hunting grounds for generations of kings and queens.

2. New York

Due to a sharp increase in the number of cases in March and April, New York became the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. Statewide, at one point in April, more than 18 COVID-000 patients were admitted to hospitals.

New York is reinventing shopping: the mall of the future at Hudson Yards, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus vie for supremacy in a chic city. Tiffany's is not serving breakfast this year at the # 2 mall on the planet (after Tokyo).

New York City is primarily a place where mind and body meet, creating sparks of genius, ingenuity and progress. Today, New Yorkers stand ready, together and alone, on porches and balconies, ready to defend their city. Whatever the world arising, developing or unfolding as a result of our collective force majeure, it will first happen here.

3. Paris

On April 15, 2019, when Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, people in Paris gathered in the streets to pray. They were joined by a great many inhabitants of our planet. This, of course, is not an isolated disaster for the French capital over the past few years. While the numerous terrorist attacks and the destruction of its famous cathedral seem like insurmountable calamities and adversity, Paris is getting brighter.

Strikingly, according to Statista, despite a tragic fire and a year of yellow vest protests that kept tourists from visiting the city, Paris in 2019 was on par with 2018 million visitors in 35,4.

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In the run-up to the 2024 Summer Olympics, infrastructure investment has accelerated, and the city continues to build hotels at a breakneck pace. Two dozen opened in 2019 and as many are scheduled to debut in 2020, including the first Bulgari hotel at 30 Avenue George V. Paris is the world's 26th most parks and outdoor event.

4. Moscow

Any traveler to Russia will tell you that its influence (at least on visitors to the capital) is very real: you will fall under the spell of Moscow as soon as you step into the territory of this endlessly fascinating and dynamic city.

Interest in Russia has intensified as political intrigue has escalated, which explains why Moscow ranked 14th in the ranking of the most popular cities over the past year. The global craze is as much about the spectacular 2018 FIFA World Cup (the decisive finals were played at the Luzhniki Stadium in the city's 360-acre Olympic Complex) as well as the Kremlin's global ambitions.

It has never been so easy to gain access to all this excitement, because curious and adventurers can easily fly to Moscow: the city ranks 4th in terms of airport accessibility (it has risen one position compared to last year).

Whatever brings you here, you will be faced with serious controversy and constantly disturbing news from the West about Russia. Moscow is what Travel + Leisure calls the “revolution of creativity,” giving it an atmosphere of youthful, free-thinking exuberance that has touched all aspects of urban life, from the art and food scene to the extraordinary, unique shared workplaces in Russia.

The first so-called post-Soviet generation of Muscovites traveled the world and then returned with suitcases full of ideas, which they unpacked with great success in their always proud city.

5. Tokyo

The futuristic metropolis is using its ancient feudal roots to invest in improving the quality of life on the streets and the well-being of its residents.

Despite earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons, Tokyo ranked first in terms of safety. The city continues to captivate visitors from all over the world with its innovation, efficiency and 6/2020 mobility. It took first place in shopping for luxury department store Ginza. Tokyo boasts the second largest number of restaurants in the world and is ranked XNUMXth in culture, even with the postponement of the XNUMX Olympic Games.

Here you can experience the famous pulsing nightlife, from the dazzling lights of Shibuya to the bright red lights of Kabukicho. If you prefer a more understated bar atmosphere, Zoetrope in Shinjuku offers an impressive selection of famous Japanese whiskeys.

With the world's 2nd largest number of restaurants in the world, Tokyo goes far beyond its globally beloved gastronomic tradition. The metropolis offers as many restaurants as the other five cities combined - more than 100 in total, so guests and townspeople don't even hope to visit them all.

Tokyo is still ranked 3rd in the world in terms of prosperity. This is mainly due to the low unemployment rate (11th place) and the second largest number of headquarters in the Global 500.

6. Dubai

This is a superb city: you can take an elevator to the top of the tallest building in the world for a bird's eye view of the metropolis.

During the 2010s, Dubai built itself from a barren playground for a handful of super-wealthy Emiratians to an international tourist and business hub. This attracted a large number of foreigners here (the second largest in the world for the number of residents of foreign origin). Many of them come to receive education, the city ranks 16th in the world in popularity among foreign students.

The most visited shopping mall on the planet is located here and helps Dubai climb to the 26th place for shopping. However, it would be a mistake to focus on the "shopping center" part of the name; Like the city itself, the Dubai Mall is more of an attempt to capture every human experience and recycle it for consumption. Among other things, Dubai offers many outdoor activities.

7. Singapore

Few cities have achieved such rapid results as the city-state of Singapore in the past five decades. Explosive growth from a politically unstable, resource-poor and unskilled former colony to a talent-hungry city and a major shipping hub (the world's busiest).

As a result, Singapore has become a fast-growing Asian financial superpower, with city leaders taking a methodical approach to planning that is responsive to the needs of citizens. Reinvesting Singapore in research and talent ensures that it is home to consistently wealthy citizens for decades to come.

This is why the city-state continues to climb into the world's most prosperous cities with a growing Global 500 cluster of companies (30th overall).

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Opened in 2019 and designed by Safdie Architects, the new $ 1,7 billion Jewel Changi Airport features a canopy bridge and glass walkway that is shrouded in fog and suspended in midair at 75 feet (22,8 m). But the real attraction is the seven-story Rain Vortex, an indoor waterfall (the highest in the world) that cascades down from the roof.

8. Barcelona

It is a near-perfect European city, with near-perfect year-round weather, miles of beaches, iconic parks, striking architecture and colorful neighborhoods that march at their own rhythm - artistic, sophisticated and bohemian.

Steeped in history and proudly bearing its cultural identity, Barcelona is a tourist magnet, often frustrating for many locals who see crowds of tourists as a threat to their city. Barcelona is a world leader in responding to programs that address the impact of rampant tourism (for example, real estate investors who buy apartments only to rent them out on Airbnb, draining an already limited supply).

Ultimately, the pandemic solved the "tourism problem" with disastrous results. Outbreaks of infection have forced tourist sources such as France to ban all travel of citizens to the Barcelona area; local sources estimate that nearly 40% of closed bars and restaurants may never reopen.

9. Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always had star power, but when Michelin announced in June 2019 that 24 restaurants in Los Angeles had won the most prestigious award in the first Michelin Guide in California, it instantly became more than just stars and a movie theater. ...

Of course, now very few people are interested in this, because the quarantine has closed hundreds of such interesting places. The COVID-19 outbreak has drawn attention to Los Angeles and Mayor Eric Garcetti. The city became the first metropolitan area in the United States to require almost complete isolation, "and the largest city in which all secondary businesses were completely closed."

Los Angeles is ranked 9th on the Facebook Check-ins subcategory, 10th on Instagram hashtags, and an impressive 5th on Google searches.

10. Madrid

Madrid was hit hard during the pandemic, with more COVID-19 cases reported than any other city in the top 20 cities outside the United States. It was the first wake-up call in the world outside Asia that the new coronavirus is a real and imminent threat that could bring entire countries to their knees.

But the city, which entered the top ten for the first time, is back on its feet after a long isolation. Its magnificent museums, ranked 22nd, reopened, but with less capacity. With much-needed investment in its vast infrastructure and community assets, the Spanish capital is finally reviving its urban heritage.

But museums are just a spearhead for the city. In Madrid, everything old is new again. And it's not just a matter of well-known cultural wealth. More importantly, Madrid is finally committed to a modern rethinking of the city, centered on its inhabitants.

Nuevo Norte's ambitious and futuristic redevelopment project, with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, promises to be a roadmap for what sustainable, livable development in the city center can be like. This bodes well for income equality. The project will start operating in 2021. The pandemic instantly and permanently suspended most of the city's concerts, shows and events, putting Madrid in 11th place in the cultural ranking.

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