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Top-10: what should be done before the end of summer

The best summer memories usually include the simplest pleasures. At the same time, sometimes there is not enough time for many things, and summer cannot last forever, unless, of course, you do not live in hot Florida. This summer will also be remarkable for the fact that a new outbreak of COVID-19 awaits us in the fall, so we need to have time to do everything. The publication told about what needs to be done before the end of summer K-love.

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1. Go nature

Getting out into nature is always great, from nearby parks and trails to nature reserves in neighboring states. The varied flora and fauna are best enjoyed in fine weather.

2. Swim in the ocean, lake or even a pool

Studies show that about 86% of the time a person spends swimming is in the first 20 years of life. And mostly in the summer. If you don't have an ocean or lake near by, try to visit at least an outdoor pool in your area more often.

3. Sleep in the fresh air

Which of us did not fall asleep at least a couple of times somewhere on the beach or in the forest? Public leader Brigham Young once said that summer is the best time to sleep in the open air, which has a good effect on the brain.

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4. Enjoy the starry sky

Warm summer nights are a great opportunity to watch the starry sky. If you're lucky, you can get to the starfall in the form of a meteor shower. It is advisable to find a place that will not be illuminated by artificial light in order to fully enjoy the sky and the stars.

5. Read a book

Books are always great companions during the summer holidays. They help to relax and for the time being disconnected from everyday fuss. Especially well are the various biographies of famous people who have passed through interesting trials on the way to fame. Look for the shadow under the tree and sit back.

6. To watch a movie

For summer watching movies, pools that offer to relax in the water at the same time and watch movies on the big screen are well suited. If you do not have such entertainment complexes nearby, you can hide from the summer sun in a cozy cinema with a cold lemonade in your hands.

7. Visit a concert or festival

In many cities, concerts or entire outdoor festivals are organized in the summer. Music, as a rule, is the most diverse - from rock to folk. It can also be family holidays with rides and crafts for which you can take children.

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8. Go to the zoo

Zoos, aquariums and other tourist attractions, which sometimes do not have enough time, are included in the mandatory list in the summer. In childhood, many read about the museums that are located in their state, and if you still have not visited one of them, then you should fill this gap.

9. Ride horses

Not everyone is able and willing to ride a horse. However, even if you are not a sophisticated rider, there are classes for beginners. You can go to a mini-adventure with children who can get acquainted with animals, for example, in a contact zoo.

10. Visit the farmers market

Local farmers in the summer offer a variety of fruits and vegetables grown on their farms. On some sites, such as, You can easily find the nearest summer farmers markets or fairs. In addition, some farms are letting guests in to themselves if you want to harvest the crops yourself from the beds. Check out these places on the site with an interactive map by state.


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