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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Top 10 English Learning Blogs

For self-study of the English language, if you, of course, have basic skills, various English-language blogs are well suited. It is important to highlight among them the most reliable, which are approved by professionals and contain really useful information.

The online school of English "Inglex" has selected the top ten, according to the methodologists of this organization, English-language blogs, which are suitable for many of those wishing to improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

1. English with a Twist

The author's blog of the English teacher Shanti, who is a native speaker. Shanti herself is a polyglot, she speaks English, improves Italian and French, so she knows from her own experience what a foreign language learner needs. Shanti lives in London, where she teaches her clients spoken and business English, as well as business correspondence. As the author of the blog admits, she decided to conduct it in order to share her experience and personal experience with English learners, tell them what she has learned over several years of teaching and how she teaches her students. The blog contains practical and theoretical articles on learning English, the specifics of business English, materials on learning new vocabulary, developing language skills, as well as articles on English culture and literature.

2. Quick and Dirty Tips

The section provides hands-on articles on learning English. All materials are presented concisely and in a very accessible form. You won't spend a lot of time and effort reading the articles on this blog, so if you only have a few minutes, check it out. The articles deal with the most "pressing" questions that arise for learners of English. There are materials on the correct choice of a word and grammatical construction, articles with explanations of grammatical rules, a selection of new words that have entered the English language, funny and useful tests, and so on.

3. Espresso English

The main advantage of the blog is the purely practical articles. All materials are rather short, but capacious and presented in an accessible language. There are grammar and vocabulary tests to test your knowledge. All materials are of high quality and are developed by well-educated native speakers of English. In addition, you can subscribe to the newsletter and receive a free book with phrases in English to study. It should be noted that Espresso English's mailing list is not bad, but it contains a fairly large amount of promotional materials.


The author of the project is Anastasia Koltai from Hungary, who is studying English and helping other learners to master it. According to Anastasia herself, in learning English, it is not so much textbooks, grammar and vocabulary that are important, but the development of oral speech with a good teacher, preferably a native speaker. In this blog you will find extremely practical articles on learning idioms and phrasal verbs, a selection of useful resources for learning English, materials to increase your vocabulary and beautiful quotes in English. Everything is presented simply and concisely, so that you can easily understand any article.


A major educational project, thanks to which you can develop in different directions. One of them is the study of English as a foreign language. This project is led by Kenneth Bear, who can be called a true expert in teaching English. Bear taught English in Germany, the United States and Italy, and is fluent in German and Italian, which allows him to give advice on learning a foreign language from his own experience. In the blog you will find materials on vocabulary increase and the study of grammatical structures, teaching business English and preparing for exams. To go directly to the materials that suit you, scroll through the page and on the left you will see a list of categories in which you can select a section of the level or topic you want.

6. Daily Writing Tips

Do not pay attention to the specific name of this blog: Daily Writing Tips will be useful to all learners of English, even if you can not stand writing essays and letters to a friend. The lion's share of articles in one way or another concerns the improvement of writing, but, besides this, there is a large amount of materials for the development of other skills. You will find articles on idioms and phrasal verbs, the correct use of various words and the correct use of grammatical constructions, as well as the improvement of writing and the development of creativity.

7. FluentU

The FluentU English learning project blog is hard-to-read reading material. Authors are constantly finding new exciting and useful topics for articles. The information is presented in simple language so that learners can understand what is at stake. The blog provides advice on learning English and choosing learning materials, links to useful resources and increasing your vocabulary. We recommend that you pay special attention to a selection of useful words and phrases: native speakers collect for you only frequently used vocabulary that is used in live speech, so we recommend not just reading the article, but memorizing the words.

8. Saundz

A pronunciation software maker whose blog is a great source of knowledge for English learners. The blog contains many articles on the development of oral speech, thematic collections of useful phrases, tips on learning the language, fascinating materials about the origin of words, and so on. Pleasant design of articles and an accessible presentation will surely please you.

9. Reallife

This resource provides paid services: work with audio and video materials, communication in English. Now they are refining and improving their product. The project blog is a worthy source of free modern materials. Some functions, such as practical work with audio materials, are also paid here and require registration. However, most articles are available for study in the public domain. You can also listen to podcasts for free, and the authors attach to them a list of useful vocabulary to learn. In addition, the blog has materials for learning English on popular songs and TV shows, such as the Game of Thrones.

10 PhraseMix

PhraseMix is ​​also a paid product that offers you to learn phrases in English on your website. All phrases are voiced by native speakers, and the instructions for using them in speech are given to the materials. The project blog allows you to learn English for free. There are both theoretical articles with tips on learning English, and practical materials on the correct use of words and phrases, vocabulary increase and grammar.

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