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Top 10 Free Entertainment in New York

It is said that New York is an expensive city. Yes, but in this metropolis there are so many places where you can get absolutely free. ForumDaily and publish top xnumx free entertainment in new york.

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1. Ferry to Staten Island

The perfect way to enjoy the classic views of New York from the water. Passenger ferries from Manhattan to Staten Island run around the clock every half hour (and during rush hours every 15-20 minutes). From the ferry you can make excellent photos of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Verrazano Bridge. The nearest metro station to Manhattan Water Station is South ferry.

2. Free kayaking

A more original (and, concurrently, sporty) way to explore New York from the water is to sail on kayaks on urban rivers. New York kayak lovers offer everyone free lessons and equipment for kayaking and conduct free three-hour water excursions. You can move the kayak on the Hudson waters every weekend from the 40 and 96 piers, and from the 72 streets.

3. Chelsea Galleries

Chelsea is the heart of the bohemian life of New York. Luxury apartments, designer boutiques, all kinds of art cafes ... But the main thing the region is famous for is the art galleries: there are more than 50 there, and almost everything can be accessed for free. In the walls of galleries there are paintings, photographs and installations of modern creators. Who knows, maybe some of these works will ever be recognized as world masterpieces, so do not be lazy to devote time to the underground art of America until you pay a cent for it.

4. Museums with “recommended admission fees”

This part of the cultural program is not completely free, but cheap: to get into many museums in New York, it is enough to leave at the box office any amount that you consider necessary. Such a system operates, including in the most important museums of the city: the Metropolitan, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art. You can get there for only $ 1-5 (although in fairness you should at least know that the “recommended price” for visiting these museums is $ 20-25. In addition, most museums work for free on certain days. For example, in the Museum of Modern the arts can be donated on Friday nights: at this time, the work of the museum is paid for by various sponsors.

5. Summer open-air concerts

Free to join the musical culture of New York can be in a warm time, when summer scenes open in city parks. For example, on the site under the uncomplicated name Summerstage Free concerts and open-air festivals regularly take place in the heart of Central Park. Active cultural life is also in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. All summer during the festival Celeblebrate brooklyn Free concerts, performances, film screenings and dance shows take place here.

6. Governor's Island

Free ferries to Governor’s Island run in summer from Lower Manhattan. The island, which has been granted the status of a national historical monument, in the summer turns into a small bastion of relaxing outdoor recreation. Here you can ride a bike along excellent paths, look at military buildings (until recently the island was a closed state object), and, finally, have an excellent picnic with a view directly to the Statue of Liberty.

7. Botanical gardens

Tired of the city rush? Go to the New York Botanical Garden, where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature in one of the 50 gardens. Entry to the garden is free on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10: 00 until noon. In addition, on Tuesdays, you can admire the chic collection of orchids in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for free.

8. Open-air cinema

Free movie screenings in parks have recently become the good summer tradition of New York. On wide screens, all genres of cinema are being played - from underground art house to trendy blockbusters. Sessions usually begin in 21: 30, after sunset. The most popular place among moviegoers is Bryant Park, where mass screenings are held in the evenings every Monday. Also, on Mondays, you can watch a movie on Coney Island (right by the sea), on Tuesdays - on the roof of the Bronx Trading Terminal (Bronx Terminal Market), on Wednesdays - in the Hudson River and McCarren parks, on Thursdays in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and on Saturdays on Roosevelt Island.

9. Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn - one of the darkest, and at the same time, the most famous places in New York. The cemetery can be grappling with the largest parks of the city in scale, and it surpasses the laconic modern areas of New York by the beauty of the architecture. In order to wander between the graves of famous townspeople and take pictures of fancy crypts and chapels, you do not have to pay a cent.

10. Walking tours

The whole of New York on foot, of course, does not get around, but some of its areas can be thoroughly explored by joining free excursions conducted by enthusiasts. For example, every Friday at noon there is a free tour of Times Square (participants gather in Times Square Visitors Center, between 47 and 46 streets). You can walk along the east side on Sundays, starting with 11: 00; collection point - at the corner of the streets East Houston and Ludlow Street. A number of organizations conduct free tours of Harlem, Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, Central Park and other notable areas, but you need to track the schedule of such events and register for them in advance.

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