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Fat, underappreciated and angry: the main myths about truck drivers and why it really is a dream job

Many immigrants to the United States work as truckers. The freight industry in America is actively developing, and there is no particular need to shine in English in this area. However, thinking about such work, few people evaluate it correctly. It's all to blame for common myths about truck drivers.

Photo: DVL Express

How do we imagine a trucker? .. In the opinion of many, he must necessarily have excess weight and other health problems (constant sitting without movement and unhelpful snacks), as well as a bad mood and dissatisfaction with life (after all, as some suggest, truck the driver works practically for days, bears a huge responsibility, and his salary has noticeably decreased since the beginning of quarantine, turning into a crisis).

But these are all myths and relics of the past that have nothing to do with the modern sphere of cargo transportation in the United States. The XNUMXst century is the era of employee rule. Employers have lost the right to dictate labor market conditions. The abundance of competing companies and the lack of good specialists have led to the fact that professionals have the opportunity to set their terms of cooperation in almost any industry.

The secret of modern business success is the ability to hear your employees and create the most comfortable conditions for them. Those who understand this are thriving, and the trucking industry has learned this lesson. Therefore, popular myths about truck drivers are outdated long ago and do not correspond to modern realities, but let's go through each of them separately.

Myth # 1: Almost all truckers are overweight and have other health problems.

Trucking companies that really care about their drivers and provide them with the best conditions for comfortable work and rest can debunk the myth about overweight drivers. A prime example of such a company is DVL Express, which has been successfully operating in the freight market since 2011.

“Let's face it, a trucking company is nothing without its drivers. Ours was founded by a truck driver and focused on truck drivers from the very beginning. At DVL Express we do our best to take care of our drivers. In fact, some may even accuse us of spoiling them, ”the company says.

It's easy to believe after visiting the recreation area DVL Express for truck drivers located at the company's headquarters in Illinois. There drivers are offered comfortable rooms for rest and sleep, equipped kitchen, Internet access and cable TV. On site, you can wash and dry your clothes for free, work out in the full-service fitness center, even with therapy chairs, massage chairs and inversion tables.

For those who prefer active rest, there are tables for billiards, ping-pong, poker and other table games on the territory of the recreation area. For a complete feeling of comfort, the staff is offered drinks and snacks.

The company also does not forget about the drivers who are on the flight. To maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, each driver is provided with a free certificate for visiting the LA Fitness network of gyms. In whatever state the driver is loading or unloading, he can always warm up after a long drive to the gym. All drivers of the company can feel themselves in such a resort absolutely free of charge, just by driving into a yard DVL Express.

These conditions allow truck drivers to monitor their shape and nutrition. Therefore, it is time to discard the myth of a fat and sick trucker, at least in the conditions of this company.

Myth # 2: Trakists have a very high responsibility and because of this are in constant stress.

The work of a truck driver is really hard and responsible, but this does not mean that an unbearable burden of responsibility is dumped on the driver's shoulders without preparation. Drivers will not be released until every department is satisfied that the driver is well trained and ready for any situation on the road.

For example, every driver in DVL Express before starting work, he undergoes a short training with the Accounting, Safety and Fleet departments of the company, gaining knowledge that will help save time and nerves in unusual situations. The company provides compulsory free trainings on how to secure and inspect cargo, how to deal with emergencies, how to use logbooks and much more. Such events not only provide the necessary knowledge, but also provide the driver with confidence and peace of mind on the road.

In addition, any issues the driver may have are resolved immediately. All departments of the company work 24/7, so you can get advice on any issue, including financial, or complain about working conditions at any time.

So easily, using the example of just one company, we destroyed the myth about stress and dissatisfaction of drivers with their lives due to too high responsibility.

Photo: DVL Express

Myth number 3: truckers work day and night, and their earnings have significantly decreased since the beginning of quarantine

Practice shows that a truck driver is one of the highest paid types of work that does not require many years of training. But of course it depends on the company. IN DVL Express drivers receive one of the highest wages in the industry and can add bonuses and gifts to it.

The level of earnings depends on several factors, and in DVL Express they are controlled by the driver himself. He himself chooses the type of trailer for work, sets the geographical and time frames for his work. Each driver has the opportunity to earn $ 100 a year or more.

And that's just the salary. In addition to this, DVL Express offers an additional driver incentive program. Each month, the top five truck drivers receive valuable gifts. Getting into this rating more than five times a year guarantees an additional gift from the company.

Infographics: DVL Express

The right to build your own work schedule is very important, but every working person is also interested in the issue of vacation. If everything is quite simple with local drivers, then for drivers working at long distances, the issue of the weekend is acute. For example, in DVL Express the driver is guaranteed to spend at home 5 days a month. Sometimes the guys decide to save up the number of days off so that every 2 months they go with their family on a big 10-day vacation. However, in emergency situations when the driver urgently needs to get home, he can be removed from the flight, and the company will take care of his prompt and safe departure.

As you can see, most myths about the work of a truck driver can be easily dispelled if you study the working conditions in a modern company created by a driver for drivers and focused on the comfort of its employees.

Interested in the work of a truck driver?

В DVL Express more than 300 drivers are already working. The company continues to build capacity and expand its staff. You can declare your desire for cooperation here (the questionnaire is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian).

Material prepared in partnership with

DVL Express

cell: 773-373-0777


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