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Crowds of looters robbed various stores in California for three days

Marauder crowds target retailers in the Bay Area for the third day in a row, reports CBS.

Photo: Shutterstock

Marauders targeting Bay Area stores struck again on the evening of November 21, when robbers broke into a mall in Hayward, California and took goods from a Lululemon store in San Jose.

It was the third day in a row that retailers in the region were targeted by large mobs of robbers.

Hayward police said they answered several calls from stores in Southland Mall around 17:30 pm on Nov.21.

According to eyewitnesses, the large crowd caused huge riots in the mall, and some robbers briefly seized the jewelry store.

Witnesses said that 40 to 50 robbers with hammers and other tools robbed Sam's Jewelers, smashed glass windows and quickly fled.

Macy's was also robbed.

In the video filmed during the robbery, the workers inside Sam's Jewelers can be heard screaming in fear.

“There was a whole bunch of glass,” said one person in the mall at the time of the incident.

Eyewitnesses say that in fact it was the end of a more terrifying and large-scale scene.

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“I would say at least 30 to 40 people based on what I saw,” said another witness. "But then, when the main group of these guys ran outside, we saw 15 to 20 people scattering, and some even returned."

Two women who work next to Sam's Jewelers said that some of these guys ran into other stores and left with shoes and clothes.

“We've seen all the other stores close. They panicked, so we panicked, quickly closed our store and barricaded ourselves, ”said one of the women.

“It was very scary,” said one of the employees of the shopping center. -People without morality, insensitive to other people. I feel helpless. It worries. "

The police could not immediately tell how much jewelry was stolen or how many other shops in the mall had lost.

It was unclear whether the Hayward robbery was related to the robbery of a Louis Vuitton store among other businesses in San Francisco's Union Square on November 19, or the Nordstrom robbery in Walnut Creek on November 20.

Thieves also attacked several marijuana pharmacies in Oakland.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night in San Jose, police said a group of suspects entered the Lululemon store on Santana Street at around 6:30 am and picked up the goods.

They fled until the arrival of the police.

No other information was available.

"It was crazy"

On the evening of November 20, dozens of looters stormed a Nordstrom store in downtown Walnut Creek, terrorizing shoppers, assaulting employees, bagging merchandise and searching shelves before fleeing in several vehicles waiting outside.

Walnut Creek Lieutenant Ryan Hibbs said three people are in custody and others are on the wanted list.

“Walnut Creek police investigators are looking at surveillance footage to try to identify other suspects responsible for this daring act,” authorities said on November 21.

The police began to receive calls from Nordstrom employees about the robberies at around 21:00 pm.

Hibbs said about 80 people rushed into the store and began looting and breaking shelves.

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Two officers were injured in the attack, and the suspects shot another with pepper spray.

Brett Barrett, manager of PF Chang's Restaurant across from Nordstrom, watched the bedlam unfold.

“I saw probably 50-80 people in ski masks with crowbars, a bunch of weapons,” he said. "They robbed Nordstrom."

“There was a crowd of people,” he continued. - The police rushed in. It was like a scene from a movie. It was crazy. "

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