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Accuracy up to 99%: scientists have developed a blood test to detect 50 types of cancer

A simple blood test can detect up to 99 different types of cancer with an accuracy of 50%, often even before the onset of symptoms, writes Air force.

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The study, which examined blood tests for more than 6 thousand people, was conducted by a group of American and British scientists and was sponsored by a startup from Silicon Valley.

Scientists hope that such tests will help identify tumors at an early stage and successfully treat them.

The study was conducted by a group of American scientists from the Institute of Oncology. Dana Farber and Harvard Medical School in collaboration with the British from the Francis Crick Institute and University College London. Its results are published in the academic journal Annals of Oncology, Oxford University Press.

Although more than 99% of cancer tests have been confirmed, scientists want to make sure that their method does not miss oncology and does not give false hope. This will require further research.

In addition, the results of clinical trials showed that a blood test reveals progressive oncology better than the very beginning of the development of the disease.

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How it works

The analysis looks for signs of chemical changes that enter the bloodstream from the tumor in the genetic code - DNA.

The study included tests for 50 different types of cancer, including cancer of the rectum, ovaries and lungs.

In 96% of cases, the test accurately determined the type of oncology.

What experts say

The study is being funded by Grail, a Silicon Valley start-up with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos among its investors.

“This blood test appears to have all the properties it needs to be widely used as an assay for a variety of cancers,” says Professor Jof Oxnard, one of the study's leaders.

“Everyone asks when such a test will be ready. Based on successful clinical testing in thousands of patients, this test is already being launched for limited use in clinical trials. ”

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However, it will be possible to talk about the widespread use of this analysis only after the results of such clinical trials are obtained.

“Although this analysis is in its early stages of development, the first results are encouraging,” said David Crosby, who is in charge of early detection research at Cancer Research UK.

"Identifying cancer early, when it is less aggressive and treatable, has enormous life-saving potential, but technological innovation is urgently needed to realize this potential."

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