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'Titanic' would not have passed: the web is outraged by the new rules for selecting films for the 'Oscar'

The American Film Academy has formulated new requirements for films nominated for the Oscar in the Best Picture nomination. Now, films that meet the standards described in the new rules will be able to compete for the main prize of the film award, writes "Jellyfish".

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An important nuance: the film does not have to follow all the standards, it is enough to comply with two out of four.

The first standard describes the requirements for the cast and the plot of the film. The second is the requirements for the film crew. The third is the requirements for the film studio. Fourth - to the distribution of the picture. Standards have criteria. In order for the standard to be considered fulfilled in the first (actors and plot) and second (crew) cases, the film only needs to meet one of the criteria. In the third (production) and fourth (distribution) cases, all the criteria from the list must be met.

Here is a list of standards and criteria for them:

The cast and plot of the film

  • at least one of the leading or supporting actors is of Asian, African or Latin American origin;
  • at least a third of supporting and extras are women, non-white people, LGBTQ +, or people with physical or mental disabilities;
  • the film's storyline involves one of these populations.

Film crew

  • At least two key creative positions in the film crew (for example, cameraman, costume designer, composer, producer or director) are women, non-whites, LGBTQ +, or people with physical or mental disabilities;
  • Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, North African, Black, African American, Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, or other underrepresented racial or ethnic groups;
  • at least six technical positions in the film crew are occupied by representatives of the above groups.


  • the studio that produced the film provides paid internships to women, non-whites, LGBTQ +, or people with physical or mental disabilities;
  • the studio that released the film, the company that distributes and / or finances it, provides an opportunity for training and / or advanced training in the process of work for representatives of the above groups.


  • Representatives of the above groups work on a permanent basis in the studio in leadership positions in marketing, public relations and / or distribution.

That is, in order for a film to qualify for an Oscar in the Best Film nomination, it is enough, for example, to ensure racial, ethnic and gender diversity for a third of the crowd (one criterion from the first standard is ✔️) and to enable representatives of these groups to work in key creative positions (one criterion from the second standard is ✔️).

Or if, for example, filmmaking and distribution meets the described requirements (the third standard is ✔️, the fourth standard is ✔️), then the film may qualify for an Oscar and not meet the requirements for the first two standards.

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The requirements are designed to support equal representation of different populations on screen and during filming, as well as reflect the diversity of audiences, the Academy said in a statement.

The new rules will take effect from 2024. For other nominations, the same rules remain, the Film Academy emphasized.

Anton Dolin, film critic at Meduza:

“The main question is how it will be technically applied. And nobody knows this. I don't think the Academy itself really understands this. It is no coincidence that the new rules will come into effect only after four years.

If you take everything quite straightforwardly, it seems that the Oscar is gradually turning into a specialized award, the contestants of which will be selected based on purely formal criteria.

I must say that in 2020 the Academy just showed a deviation from its canons, when the "Parasites" were awarded [the main prize]. This first happened with a non-English language, also an Asian film. Now we are talking about how to consolidate the unspoken rules of the "Oscar" as a law. Let's see what happens. ”

How the web reacted to the new Oscar standards

Many of the popular films would not have received their nominations and would not have been able to compete for victory, writes Lifehacker... There were many dissatisfied with the new rules.

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We separately noted the mention of women on a par with minorities.

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Some have rightly noted that a number of recent Oscar-winning films are already meeting the new standards.

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And a few more opinions.

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