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The tech company will pay $ 200 for the right to use your face and voice for their robots

The tech company is offering $ 200 to people who agree to transfer the rights to their face and voice to a robot. The publication told about this in more detail. Indy100.

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Company Promobot creates new hyper-realistic robots. The concept of their creation is to make them look more believable and based on the parameters of real people.

The company's specialists are looking for a “kind” appearance. There are no restrictions on race, gender or gender for those interested. The only condition is that you must be over 25 years old.

The Promobot website says: “Our company develops technologies in the field of face recognition, speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics. Since 2019, we have been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market. Our new clients want to start a large-scale project, and for this they need to obtain a license to develop a new robot in order to avoid legal delays. "

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The person who is selected will have to provide a 3D model of their face and body to determine the external characteristics of the robot. Then you will need to dictate at least 100 hours of speech material to copy the voice, which will subsequently be used by the machine to communicate with customers.

Those who pass the selection are required to "sign a license agreement" that allows you to "use your appearance for an unlimited period of time."

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The company already supplies robots to 43 countries. They work as administrators, promoters, consultants, tour guides and concierges.

Promobot hopes to launch its new human-faced electronic organisms in hotels, shopping malls, and airports in North America and the Middle East from 2023.

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