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Texas backed Trump in a lawsuit around migrant edict

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Texas became the first state to support Trump's immigration decree.

Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Federal Court of Appeals that President Donald Trump, having signed the decree, acted within his powers.

In addition, the Attorney General appealed to the Court of Appeal with the requirement to attach to the case the independent opinion of the state authorities on the need to consider the legality of the cancellation of the decree by the court of first instance.

The presidential disposal of Trump on January 27 deals with Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Their citizens are prohibited from entering the country for 90 days. Also stopped for an indefinite period of admission of Syrian refugees. The reception program for refugees from other countries is frozen for 120 days.

District Judge James RoBarth in Seattle suspended Trump's decree across the country on February 3. A federal judge in the state of Washington claimed that he was violating constitutional remedies for religious discrimination.

Last week, this decision was upheld, raising questions about next step Trump

The Ministry of Justice transferred the case to the Court of Appeal of the 9 District. An appeal “in full”, as it is called in court, will allow the Trump team to contact the 11 judges to review the case and issue a new decision.

In Paxton's defense, he said the order had a clear national security purpose to ensure that foreigners attempting to enter the United States were properly screened. This "reflects national security interests... in the ongoing war on terror against radical Islamic terrorists."

Paxton denied any allegations that the order was discriminatory against Muslims. If this argument is accepted, he said, it could jeopardize the government’s ability to help persecuted religious minorities abroad by granting them refugee status.

Texac waged a legal battle against the immigration plan of Barack Obama, who wanted to protect up to 4 millions of immigrants from deportation.

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