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Losing Strength: Doctors say coronavirus is becoming less dangerous

Doctors from northern Italy claim that the virus is becoming less powerful and deadly. According to studies, sample samples over the past 10 days contain much less viral particles than a month ago, writes

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According to the head physician of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, Alberto Zangrillo, the coronavirus loses its strength and becomes less deadly.

“In fact, clinically, the virus is no longer in Italy. The samples we took over the past 10 days showed a lower viral load (the number of viral particles in a certain volume of biological fluid, - ed.) In quantitative terms than the one that was a month or two months ago, ”says Zangrillo.

Italy currently ranks third in the world in the number of deaths from COVID-19 with 33 deaths. Also, the country ranks sixth in the world in the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus - 415 233. But the number of new cases in May began to decline and the country decided to mitigate quarantine.

Zangrillo adds that some experts are too panicked about the prospect of a second wave of infection, and politicians must take into account the new reality.

“We must return to normal. Someone should take responsibility for terrorizing the country, ”says the head doctor.

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At the same time, the Italian government is calling for caution with premature claims of victory over the virus.

“In anticipation of scientific evidence supporting the thesis that the virus has disappeared, I would suggest those who are so sure of this not to confuse Italians. Instead, we should invite Italians to exercise maximum caution, maintain physical distance, avoid large gatherings, and wash their hands and wear masks more often, ”said Deputy Minister of Health Sandra Zampa.

Another doctor from northern Italy said he also sees evidence that coronavirus is becoming less dangerous.

“The strength of the virus, observed two months ago, is no longer the same as it is today. It’s clear that COVID-19 is different, ”said Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease clinic at the San Martino hospital in Genoa.

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