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You can now find a doctor who accepts Medicaid and Medicare through Google: how it works

When looking for health care options in the US, it is important that you find help from a doctor in your network if you have insurance. Whether you need help enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid, want to learn more about plans, or find health care providers who accept them, Google now makes it easy to find what you need. Writes about it Android Police.

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As part of the Google Health Equity Summit, the company announced several search changes that will make it easier for people enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid to find the care they need, as well as those who want to enroll.

When looking for Medicare/Medicaid options, Google will give you easy access to requirements and steps to enroll, as well as other helpful resources, whether you're enrolled or not.

This will help people navigate and get the information they need. In the case of Medicare, members are over the age of 65 and many of them are probably not very tech-savvy, so it can be difficult for them to search for information on various resources.

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And for heads of low-income households living paycheck to paycheck, wasting time looking for information about Medicaid is a waste of precious time.

You can enroll in both programs if you qualify.

“People all over the world use Google products and services to find information about their medical needs and questions. We are working to ensure that everyone can access reliable information that is relevant and applicable in accordance with their needs, ”Google said.

If you need to find a provider that accepts Medicare or Medicaid, Google can help you too.

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Medicaid members will be able to find nearby health care providers accepting Medicaid patients using a filter. The same service is available for Medicare. Or you can select both insurances in the filter. This will make it easier for you to find health care providers who accept your particular plan. A government report (via Healthcare Dive) states that 85% of physicians favor Medicare while only 71% accept Medicaid.

Now, when searching for a doctor, you can simply filter by your insurance and Google will show you doctors that accept Medicare or Medicaid.

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Search features help people easily access the help that's right for them, from showing you an appointment to finding service options.

Screenshot: Blog. Google

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