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The dark side of Russian show business in New York


Since childhood, she wanted to play classical music and achieved success in her native Kazakhstan - she was a famous musician and composer. The dream to ascend the musical Olympus in the USA began to haunt Tanya Udartseva after she, having received a work visa, moved to New York.

Tanya came to a city that never sleeps, 6 years ago. On the famous Park Avenue, she ran to work in the office in the morning, but did not leave the dream of a musical career. Days passed quickly, the work visa ended.

Luck, as Tanya decided at that moment, found her behind one, seemingly unremarkable door in Manhattan. Recording studio positioned itself as one of the most famous, working with Sting, Lady GAGA, Chaka Khan, Russian stars - Lyuba Uspenskaya, Mikhail Shufutinsky, were recorded on it at different times. And just being in these walls should have already made a person in awe. Brought Tanya too.

The Russian producer, a former singer who successfully worked at the beginning of 90, convinced her that all piano artists are not in a trend and that it’s time to take a solo career.

At the same time, it will also help with temporary visa status, explained to Tanya. So Tanya Udartseva turned into a brand Tanya dartson and set about creating a new image.

Tanya Udartseva turned into a brand Tanya dartson and set about creating a new image. Photo

The first hit was recorded for a long time, sleepless nights, and for each recording, rework and re-song you had to pay out of your own pocket. Tanya resigned herself - they say, without investments, you can never become a super-star.

Moreover, she was constantly encouraged that as soon as the material was ready, it could immediately be shown to American producers - and then things would go uphill, you just have to be patient a little.

Continuing to work in the office during the day, Tanya came to the studio at night, sang and paid for each copied track. And finally the single appeared.

Tanya tried to convince that the appearance of the single on iTunes - this is a great success and a breakthrough, but Tanya already understood that she would not see either fame or income from the song. There was no question of even returning what was spent.

Tatiana, meanwhile, outlined new steps - in order to move forward: get rid of the accent, learn to dance, make a good video. And all this again had to be paid out of his own pocket.

Then, as soon as a product appears that is not ashamed to be shown to an American producer, everything will begin. In other words, it was necessary to invest more and more into oneself without any prospects.

Usually the producer of the Manhattan studio forbade its clients to discuss business issues with someone other than him. Therefore, many did not know that they met at the door of the same Russian starters. If Tanya had not violated this prohibition, she would not have met Eduard Rubin. He, like Tanya, invested in his hit more and more money, but still did not get the promise.

Rubin came from Canada, where his mother brought him many years ago. He performed at local Russian restaurants and, according to him, made good money. In the production center, Edward was told: we will record an album - and it will simply take off in the American charts.

In the production center, Edward was told: we will record an album - and it will simply take off in the American charts. Photo from personal archive

On the way to fame, we had to not only spend several thousand dollars, but also turn from Edward Rubin to Enrik marks... "I won't say exactly how much I spent on recording in the studio, but with that money it was easy to open my own business in New York."

To pay for his fame, Edward worked at a hair salon in the afternoon, and in the evenings he sang at a Russian restaurant. The producer, meanwhile, was encouraging that he was about to, very soon, he would wake up famous.

When Tanya met and talked with Edward, it turned out that both of them go for the same price: constant rewriting for similar reasons, getting rid of the accent, and learning to dance. And the same list of reasons and explanations, why all the same song does not become a hit.

If Tanya had talked to her colleague on the path to fame earlier, it would have destroyed her dreams, of course, but she would have saved a fortune. But alas: right after Tanya’s opportunity to pay for studio services ended, the opportunity to legally be in the USA ended. I had to leave. Hoped temporarily.

Eduard, realizing that he had become another victim, the same as dozens and dozens of other “ours”, immediately stopped “financing” the producer and said goodbye to the hope of becoming a famous singer. He shot 3 video clips, spent all his savings, but he never got into the American rotation. And after several serious conversations with the producer, Eduard realized that there was no point in continuing. Not in this or any other similar studio.

As Edward says, in many cases it does not even reach the results that he or Tanya achieved. At least they have recorded songs and clips. Some production centers in Brooklyn and Queens do not even try to let the dust in their eyes, removing fashionable premises.

There are studios that are located in ordinary apartments where the producers themselves live. But even such businessmen from show business manage to find those who want to become a star.

Jazzmen and musicians who left the USSR to the USA convince young singers that they have connections in the American show business. It even went so far as fake Fashion Weeks are held, to which young top models and singers are invited, ready to pay for the opportunity to perform in front of the American public.

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