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Texas police charge 192 bikers

Texas police intend to charge 192 bikers with participation in an organized criminal gang, after nine people were killed in a bar-shootout, and 18 were injured.

Bulk shootout between bikers occurred on May 17 at the bar "Twin Peaks" in the city of waco. According to preliminary data, the fight began with a fight in the toilet of the bar and turned into an armed conflict with the use of knives, chains and firearms.

One of the witnesses to the incident told the local media that the parking of the restaurant resembled a war zone: according to her, during the shootout, 30 to 100 shots were fired.

A Waco police officer called this the most horrific scene he encountered in his entire career.

Up to five competing groups of bikers participated in the fight. Visitors and employees of the nearby café managed to lock themselves in the freezer room, and they were subsequently taken out of the room, accompanied by the police.

“This is one of the worst gunfights we've ever seen in a city. They started shooting at our policemen, ”said Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton.

Gangs that have lost their members in a shootout


  • Created in in Texas in 1966 by former seaman Don Chambers;
  • 2000-2500 members in 14 countries;
  • FBI is classified as a criminal gang;
  • Responsible for the distribution of cocaine and marijuana;
  • Produces and distributes “methamphetamine”.


  • Founded in 1969 year in Texas;
  • The motto “We are responsible for ourselves”;
  • Two members of the group were stabbed to death by Bandido members in 2013.

In addition to announcing impending arrests, the Waco Police Department announced the closure of Twin Peaks for at least a week due to "the continuing danger it poses to society."

Authorities have increased security in the area to prevent further outbreaks of violence if gang members return.

Sergeant Swanton stated that the preliminary investigation suggests that the dispute that began in the toilet has spread to the parking lot.

“I am amazed that none of the innocent civilians were injured or killed,” he said.

In the U.S. Texas skirmish bikers
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