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Target Circle: what you need to know about the new Target Network loyalty program

Shopping at Target is now even more profitable for all customers. The retailer has expanded its Target Circle loyalty program throughout the country. Writes about this USA Today.

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Using the free application, customers can earn 1% from each purchase, and then spend the accumulated money. They will also receive personalized offers such as 5% birthday discounts and can vote to help send Target donations to approximately 800 nonprofits.

However, customers with Target RedCard are not allowed to accumulate 1% when paying with a store card, but will continue to receive 5% from purchases and may use other Target Circle privileges.

The long-term savings of Target Cartwheel, now available in Circle, and until now, customers receive hundreds of discounts every day.

Sarah Skirball, a retail and trending expert at RetailMeNot, said the program is a great way for Target to compete with Amazon Prime.

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“Without any mandatory purchases or membership fees, Target buyers can access new benefits: special sales and personalized savings,” Skirball said.

Like the new Disney stores and the new Good & Gather product line, the loyalty program is another way Target bribes its customers.

How Target Circle Works

Registration: All buyers across the country who have a, Cartwheel or RedCard credit or debit card are automatically registered with the Target Circle. Buyers can also join by creating a account or by providing their phone numbers in the Target store.

Non-RedCard loyalty program members earn 1% for each purchase to use their savings later. RedCard owners still save 5% on purchases made with their credit or debit cards.

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In order to use the accumulated interest and be able to vote, you must first scan the barcode of the card in the Target application. When placing an order in a store, you need to use your phone number, when shopping online, you must log into your account. Savings cannot be used on certain products, including adult drinks, dairy products, and gift cards.

With Target Circle, on your birthday or the dates closest to that day, you will receive a discount of 5% of the purchase.

Savings with Circle Offers

Target, available for Apple and Android, has hundreds of Circle offers, formerly known as Cartwheel deals, ranging from 5% to 50% discounts in categories such as food, clothing, furniture, baby products, health products, seasonal and others.

Search or browse offers by category or scan product barcodes using the app. The app also oversees personalized offers based on past purchases. Offers can be sorted by the newest, maximum discounts, tenders or after expiration.

Many Circle offers can be used on Target Drive Up and in store purchases.

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